Liquid Packaging Solutions Taking Overflow Filler to PACK EXPO 2016

As designers and manufacturers of custom packaging machinery, selecting the equipment to display at a tradeshow can be a difficult decision with so many options from which to choose. For shows like PACK EXPO in Chicago, it can weigh even heavier given the number of packagers visiting and the range of projects those packagers bring with them. For this year's show, LPS will bring to Booth 1749 in the South Hall of McCormick Place one of our most popular filling machines - the overflow filler - along with a turntable and power conveyor.

The overflow filling machine is one of several popular liquid filling machines manufactured by LPS. What makes the overflow filler unique is the ability of the machine to fill each container to the same level, regardless of minor discrepancies in the interior volume of each individual bottle. In other words, the overflow machine fills to a level rather than filling by volume. (LPS does manufacture volume based filling machines as well as equipment using other filling principles.) The level fills are achieved using special fill nozzles that seal over the bottle before releasing product in to the container. Generally speaking, once the liquid reaches the set level, it will "overflow" into the return port, removing product from the bottle and creating the level fill. The overflow principle also helps to control foamy products and works best with free flowing or water-like liquids, though some higher viscosity products can also be run on the machine. The level fill is also ideal for a range of products that are packaged in clear containers, such as bottled water and other beverages, in that it helps to create an aesthetic shelf presence when all liquid levels are the same.

In addition to bottle fillers, LPS also manufactures power conveyors, turntables, capping machines, container cleaning equipment, nitrogen purge systems and many other custom machines. These machines can range from semi-automatic to fully automated to serve the production demands of companies and projects large and small. LPS will have representatives in the booth to answer questions regarding packaging projects or about any of the other equipment manufactured in the La Porte, Indiana plant. Packagers are welcome to stop by the booth to discuss projects during the show, or call our offices to book an appointment before, during or after PACK EXPO. LPS is located approximately 60 miles from Chicago and this year's tradeshow, and we welcome any attendees who would like to plan a visit to the plant while they are in town for PACK EXPO as well.

PACK EXPO 2016 runs November 6th through November 9th at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois this year. The Expo hours are 9AM - 5PM Central Time Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and 9AM - 3PM on Wednesday. Again, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be located in Booth 1749 in the South Hall and LPS staff are looking forward to seeing old packaging friends as well as making some new ones!

To schedule a visit or an appointment for the show, contact LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693.