Liquid Packaging Solutions to Release New Website

Liquid Packaging Solutions to Release New Website 

Liquid Packaging Solutions is excited to be nearing the completion of our brand new customer centered website.  In a continuing effort to both educate packagers about equipment for their own projects and make shopping for equipment, parts and service as easy as possible, LPS has revamped the look, feel and organization of our website to improve these and other functions.  

While we believe our current website provides a wealth of information and knowledge for packagers in nearly any industry, we understand that our customers are the people using the website on a daily basis.  For this reason, we are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions.  Before undertaking this new website project, we touched base with a number of current and prospective customers to learn what they liked about the Liquid Packaging Solutions website and where they thought we could improve.  The results of these conversations led us to the design and construction of the new website.

For the most part, the site will continue to include helpful information for our visitors, including product information, industry specific machinery and articles and news relating to both packaging machinery and the industries that machinery serves.  However, instead of multiple clicks to reach the deepest pages of the site, we have redesigned the site to try to include as much information as possible on the first product page.  This information will include the basic information on the individual machine, such as a liquid filler, capping machine, power conveyor or any other equipment.  The product page will also include tabs that will allow visitors to see multiple pictures of the specific machinery, video of the machinery, spec sheets, options and more.  In addition, the new site will include a drill down sidebar that will allow a user to quickly reach a specific page.  Our hope is that these design changes will make the gathering of information a quicker, simpler process for visitors to the site.

Contacting Liquid Packaging Solutions will continue to be a simple process, but with an old alternative once again being accessible to users of the site.  Liquid Packaging Solutions will bring back the chat option that will allow visitors to ask questions about projects, get assistance with trouble shooting or instantly inquire about any other information regarding packaging machinery.  The chat option will be available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and at any other time that a Packaging Specialist is available.

Finally, our new design will incorporate more media, including photos, videos and informational documents that will allow visitors to the website to see our equipment up close and personal.  As the process continues and we work toward unveiling a new, even more user friendly experience for those looking for packaging machinery, we are still open to suggestions!  Feel free to email suggestions or comments regarding the website to  

LPS hopes to unveil the website at or near this years date for PACK EXPO International in Chicago, Illinois.  If you are attending PACK EXPO this year, be sure to visit LPS in Booth 4033, and feel free to give us a call to set up a time to speak with one of our Packaging Specialists at the show if you have a specific project in mind.