Listen to the King and "Follow That Dream"

On January 8th, 1935, the King of Rock and Roll was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and went on to record literally hundreds of songs. While maybe not as popular as Hound Dog or Jailhouse Rock, one hit for Elvis Presley was the song "Follow That Dream". At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we like the fact that we get to help many different packagers follow their own dreams of bringing new and unique products to the people across the United States and around the world!

Whether a large corporation or a family venture, new products and businesses make up a large part of our family of packagers. Each year brings new beverages, foods and household items, while also introducing our company to first time packagers with innovative ideas and products. LPS is able to work with companies both large and small by offering packaging machinery at different automation levels. From handheld capping machines to semi-automatic fillers to complete packaging systems, LPS equipment is built specifically for each project and packager.

For smaller packagers or new products with lower production demands, LPS offers semi-automatic machinery that allow for quicker, more efficient and more consistent packaging. These machines can be used individually to allow a single operator to perform one packaging task, such as filling or capping. However, packaging systems can also be created using multiple semi-automatic machines, allowing one or more operators to rinse, fill, cap, label and otherwise prepare product for the shelf.

Automatic machinery can meet the needs of companies with medium to large production demand by removing the need for operator assistance with every cycle that is run. Automatic equipment is set up to use power conveyors and indexing systems to move bottles and other containers from one machine to the next. This allows an operator to load bottles and components such as caps and labels and then simply monitor the machinery to ensure consistent performance. Automatic equipment can work as stand-alone machinery, or in conjunction with semi-automatic equipment, but will most often be seen as part of a complete line.

In between tabletop semi-automatic and completely automatic equipment, there exist many different options, including custom machinery, for packaging projects. The level of automation will always be matched to the needs, space and desires of each packager. At the same time, almost all LPS equipment is built with the ability to upgrade, to allow equipment to grow with a company and extend the useful life of the equipment. For example, a filling machine will often allow for the addition of more fill heads in the future, expanding the output of the equipment!

There are many factors that will help determine which equipment is best for any given project, but for now, maybe "A Little Less Conversation" and a little more action is warranted on our part. As 2021 gets into full swing, the LPS production floor is preparing machinery for new projects as we speak! But for more conversation about your project, reach out to the Packaging Specialists at LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693 or through the contact pages on the LPS website!