Load up and Accumulate Turntables in December!

Turntables have a number of different uses on a packaging line, with the most popular being loading and accumulating product. Loading turntables are typically found at the beginning of a system, and can be used on both semi-automatic and automatic lines. Operators of the packaging line simply unload empty bottles on to the loading turntable top, with the loading table in turn sending them to the main power conveyor to be moved from machine to machine. Accumulating turntables are usually put to work at the other end of the line, to gather product once the filling, capping, labeling and other processes are done and the items are ready for the shelf. These turntables can be combined with packing tables, non-powered conveyors and other machinery to create a packing area and assist in prepping for shipment.

Both types of turntables are available with different diameter tops to handle a range of bottle and product sizes. Most turntables will be manufactured using stainless steel, though other options are available for companies packaging products that may be corrosive or otherwise not work well with stainless. The loading and accumulating turntables can also be manufactured to match the height of just about any packaging line and will allow for some adjustment through the use of leveling legs. Guide rails create stability on all of the tables, protecting against tipping on the table or falling off of it, with the loading turntable using an adjustable bottle guide to move different sizes of containers from the turntable to the power conveyor.

In addition to turntables found at the beginning and the end of packaging lines, some tables, known as transfer tables, will be used to divert or turn bottles on the conveyor. For example, where space is limited, bottles may move through a liquid filler, then across a transfer turntable to make a ninety degree turn into the capping machine. Transfer turntables allow for more flexibility in the design of a complete packaging system and can help to create more compact inline solutions.

For those looking for a loading, accumulating or transfer solution, Liquid Packaging Solutions will once again be offering a special on turntables during the month of December (though keep in mind that the LPS offices will be closed December 29th through the 31st for the year end holidays!) To learn more about turntables or to take advantage of the December special, contact your Sales Representative at the LPS Offices or email m101@liquidpackagingsolution.com today.