Loading and Accumulating Turntables Spinning out the Door in May

Loading and Accumulating Turntables Spinning Out the Door in May

Starting today and running through the end of May 2013, LPS is offering customers old and new the opportunity to purchase both loading and accumulating turntables at a special price.  Simply call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 and mention this blog item to receive the discounted prices on a 45" stainless steel turntable.

Loading turntables are manufactured with a bottle guide superstructure that allows operators of packaging lines to quickly and easily supply bottles to the system.  Operators simply place the bottles on the turntable and let the bottle guide take over.  Bottles will be moved to the outer edge of the turntable where they will eventually move to the power conveyor to be taken downstream to such packaging machines as container cleaners, liquid fillers and capping machines.  While the 45" turntable will handle a wide range of container sizes, other turntable top diameters are available for extremely small or extremely large bottles.

Accumulating turntables are normally used at the end of the packaging line, in order to gather bottles or containers for packing and shipping.  However, some packaging processes that are less than fully automated may use accumulating turntables at other points in the system.  For example, a facility with an automatic filler and an automatic capping machine may gather bottles on an accumulating turntable immediately after the capping process.  As they accumulate, a lower to medium production rate facility may have manual labor to apply labels to the filled and capped bottles.  The laborers would remove the bottle from the accumulating turntable, place the label and, perhaps, set the bottle back on the power conveyor to be bundled or packed for shipping.  Like the loading turntables, accumulating turntables can be manufactured with diameters other than 45" to accommodate almost any project.

As you may have noted, the difference between the loading and accumulating turntable is the bottle guide.  Accumulating turntables do not require a guide to move bottles to a specific point on the turntable.  Instead, the accumulating table simply gathers as many bottles as possible, using the entire surface area of the stainless steel top.  

Transfer turntables can also be manufactured to move bottles from one conveyor to another around a bend.  For instance, if a facility sets up a horseshoe packaging system, the transfer turntables will be used to move containers around the two ninety degree turns.  A horsehoe packaging system is used to save space and may be set up with a rinsing machine on one side of the system, followed by a ninety degree turn to the filling machine and capping machine, followed by another ninety degree turn to get to the labeling machine.  The shape of the system gives the line its name and the transfer turntables connect the three sides by shifting the path of the bottles as they travel along the power conveyor.  

Whether you are looking for loading, accumulating or transfer turntables, LPS can match the type, size and material of the turntable to find the perfect solution for your unique system.  Don't miss out on the turntable special now through the end of May, contact LPS today.