Lots of Packaging In Little Space - Tabletop and Monoblock Systems

Not everyone who prepares products for consumers is lucky enough to have unlimited production space in the form of a warehouse or other large facility. Where space is limited, unique solutions may be necessary to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise ready bottles and products for the shelf. Two of the most popular solutions for space limitations are tabletop packaging systems and monoblock machines.

Tabletop Packaging Equipment

As the name suggests, a simple tabletop is all that is necessary to set up a simple packaging system. Semi-automatic rinsing machinery can be positioned next to the table, while filling machines, capping equipment, labelers and other machinery can sit on the tabletop. While the tabletop systems will not produce product as quickly as an automatic packaging system and will require operator assistance for every packaging cycle. However, the economical packaging systems will help to speed up production while ensuring consistent and reliable filling, capping, labeling and other packaging. Tabletop systems also allow packagers to choose only the machinery they require, allowing them to be custom designed and built to the individual needs of the project.

Monoblock Packaging Systems

Offering a little more automation than the tabletop systems, the monoblock packaging system also takes up a little more room. But unlike inline packaging machinery that uses a system of conveyors to move bottles from machine to machine, the monoblock system rotates bottles around a starwheel, with different machinery like fillers and cappers at different positions on the starwheel. Just like tabletop machinery, the monoblock system can be manufactured to include only the machinery necessary for the project at hand. However, monoblocks will not typically require an operator for each and every cycle run. Instead, set up and operation is similar to automatic lines, where an operator prepares the production run and then simply need monitor the machine and replenish bulk components like bottles or caps. Monoblock systems are also better equipped for smaller fills and will often be used when bottle stability on a conveyor system may be an issue.

Tabletop and monoblock packaging systems are two popular solutions when space limitations come in to play. But other custom solutions are available for limited space, including curved conveyors that help compact even inline packaging systems. For assistance in finding the best packaging solution for your own unique project, contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions today.