LPS - Unique Solutions for Unique Times

Liquid Packaging Solutions often makes reference to the manufacture of custom packaging machinery. The definition of custom packaging machinery, from the perspective of LPS anyway, is really a two-part definition. First, the term can refer to just about any packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, as that equipment will be built specifically for the packager and project. Though some machines may look very similar, certain modifications to nozzles, tubing or some other component of the equipment will make the machinery unique to the packager.

On the other hand, sometimes projects arise that are just fundamentally different from common packaging projects. While these cases are rare, they will require completely custom solutions starting from scratch, or close to scratch, with the sales and engineering departments. These machines will be designed and built from the ground up to create an efficient and reliable solution for packaging. In either case, LPS will work with the packager to determine the needs and the desires of the packager, as well as the best solution to achieve those goals.

Like other companies at this moment, however, LPS finds itself in a new position when it comes to the machinery we produce. Many companies, including a number of distillers that LPS has partnered with to produce machinery, are re-purposing their facilities to produce liquids and products that several months ago would never have been on the production schedule. In these uncertain times, LPS remains available to source parts, help to set up machinery and even simply advise as to whether a machine can be re-tooled to handle other products.

While LPS rinsing, filling and capping machinery can often handle a wide range of products and packages, there are obviously limits. If you are packaging a new product, we encourage you to reach out to LPS with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding how current equipment will handle the change. If you are looking to add to your output, LPS can help with semi-automatic equipment for short-term increases or automatic lines for permanent changes.

LPS is ready to work with any of our current packagers, or new packagers, to assist in machinery set up, product changes, parts changes or any other circumstance that may arise. As of now, the plant remains open and technical services are available to assist anyone who may be performing unexpected packaging tasks.

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