LPS Prepares For the New Year!

In the final two weeks of the year, Liquid Packaging Solutions has seen a number of packaging machines leave our own production floor. Projects to close 2015 have included several filling machines, a spindle capping machine, container cleaning equipment and a couple of nitrogen purge systems! While the guys on the floor have been working hard to get each of these projects finished before the new year rolls around, the crew here at LPS has also been preparing for what will be a busy beginning to 2016.

Though LPS will be closing this Thursday and Friday (Dec. 24th and 25th) as well as next Thursday and Friday (Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st) for the holidays, there is simply no pause or slow down on the production floor between 2015 and 2016. Projects now starting or soon to be started include several complete turnkey lines for distilled spirits, chemicals and cleaning products. Several other single machines are being built for integration and/or additions to existing lines, including a couple different types of capping machines. In addition, several pieces of semi-automatic equipment from rinsing machines to filling machines and a chuck capper are ready to be assembled. In other words, LPS will remain busy for the foreseeable future!

In 2015, we once again saw projects from a wide variety of industries, including old favorites such as Food & Beverage, Bottled Water and Personal Care and Household Products. Our past year's work also confirmed the continued growth of the Distilled Spirits industry as we worked with craft distilleries to produce full lines as well as tabletop systems and individual machinery. We expect nothing different in 2016 and look forward to working with companies packaging in these and other industries all across the United States.

For packagers anticipating a packaging project in 2016, we encourage you to get the manufacturer involved as early as possible! Not only does this help avoid issues and delays in the future, but helps both LPS and the packager to stay on top of deadlines and lead times. Keep in mind that lead times for packaging machinery will change from time to time simply based on the number of projects on the production schedule. And if the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016 is any indication, we expect to see an extremely busy production floor again this year!

As a final note: