LPS Summer Lead Times

The summer of 2017 is shaping up to be a busy one at Liquid Packaging Solutions! With projects for a number of different industries ranging from single, tabletop machines to complete packaging lines, it appears the production floor will be heating up along with the temperature in the next couple months! As always, we encourage packagers to include manufacturers early in the planning process for new equipment or equipment upgrades!

There are a number of different reasons why lead times can increase or decrease from time to time, with the most obvious culprit being the number of other projects on, or waiting to get to, the LPS production floor! Not only does LPS build a wide variety of packaging machinery, but that machinery is built for a number of different industries. From food and beverages to chemicals, cleaners, pharmaceuticals and more, if a product can exist in a liquid state, LPS most likely builds equipment to package that product. With so many different industries served, the manufacturing schedule can fill up quick!

Of course, the machinery for each project will have an affect on lead times as well. As noted above, LPS projects can range from simple, single machines to complete turnkey solutions that will include liquid fillers, capping machines, labeling equipment, power conveyor systems and other components. When the complex, multi-machines projects come in several at a time, it can take a doubling of effort from the outstanding production team at LPS to meet deadlines!

Custom building packaging equipment also means that LPS will test the machinery prior to delivery. Of course, the best way to test requires sample product, bottles, caps and other items that will be used in the packagers own project. Acquiring bulk samples can be a difficult process from time to time, and on rare occasions testing may reveal an unexpected issue with accessories used by the packager. When this occurs, lead times can be extended to include quick fixes or adjustments that were not foreseen in the original design. Though such changes may cost a day or two on delivery, they are much easier to make while still on the floor of the manufacturer, where all of the equipment to make such changes is available.

Other factors such as the availability of parts, the amount of integration or modifications based on changing needs can also impact lead times for machinery. So think of packaging machinery lead times like a living, breathing thing in that it will always be changing. This is why, to ensure that equipment will be designed, manufactured and delivered in time for that first production run, we always encourage packagers to include manufacturer's in their plans at an early stage! Many of the factors that influence lead times will be out of the control of the packager who needs equipment, with some even out of the control of LPS. The early the discussions begin, the less likely that surprises or delays will occur during the process.

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