LPS to Attend ACSA Convention in Pittsburgh First Week of March

The American Craft Spirits Association will hold their annual Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show in Pittsburgh, PA on March 4th, 5th and 6th this year. Liquid Packaging Solutions will be in attendance in Booth 418 to educate new distillers on the equipment available or speak with current distillers about their needs. Representatives will be available on Sunday night from 4 to 8 PM, on Monday from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM and on Tuesday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

In addition to the exhibit floor, the ACSA convention offers a number of classes and seminars for distillers to learn or update their existing knowledge on topics ranging from marketing and funding to blending and packaging. Attendees may also take advantage of the tours offered by local distillers during the show! And of course there will plenty of time to mingle and connect with other distillers and industry professionals during the event.

Liquid Packaging Solutions will be on hand to discuss the different options offered to distillers to help get product to the shelf in a more efficient and consistent manner. With machines to assist with both large and small production facilities, LPS works to partner with distilleries to ensure the packaging of the product does not take away from the creation of unique and popular spirits.

Filling machines are offered in both automatic and semi-automatic or tabletop designs. The most popular models for distilled spirits are the overflow filler and the gravity filler. Automatic filling machines typically use a conveyor system to deliver bottles to the fill area, requiring little to no operator interaction once production begins. Semi-automatic and tabletop liquid fillers will require an operator to place and remove bottles as well as activate the fill cycle with each set of bottles. Multiple nozzles on any of these machines allows for greater filling speeds than a simple hand fill.

Capping machines will be designed for the type of closure being used for any given project. From spindle cappers to corking machines and capsule spinners, these packaging machines are also available in both automatic and semi-automatic designs. Just like with the filling equipment, semi-automatic and tabletop cappers will require operator interaction with each cycle, or each bottle, being sealed. Heat shrink tunnels and neck banders are also available as a way to add character or tamper evidence to a bottle.

LPS also manufactures rinsing machinery for distillers small and large for those that may need or want to remove dust, debris and other contaminants that may accrue during storage or transportation. Conveyors and turntables can also assist in loading, accumulating and moving bottles from one station to another on the packaging line. Finally, LPS offers OEM equipment such as labeling and coding machines to allow distillers to source any and all packaging equipment from one location.

To learn more about Liquid Packaging Solutions, stop by Booth 418 at the ACSA Convention and say hi, browse the LPS website or contact the LPS offices to speak directly with a Packaging Specialist!