March Packaging Madness (and Savings!)

March Packaging Madness

March Madness is off to a great start with a bracket buster in the very first game of the tournament!  To console those of you who didn't pick Dayton (and those of us as well), we ran our own March Bracket putting different packaging machines head to head.  To keep things short, we present our final four match ups and some big savings for those in the packaging industry.


Overflow Filler versus Spindle Capper

In this head to head match up two of our most popular packaging machines battle it out.  The overflow filler offers a level fill and consistency for thin to medium viscosity products.  The spindle capper works with a number of different types of screw on caps and offers a reliable seal.  In the end, the overflow filler gets the job done, and looks good doing it, sneaking past the spindle capper. 

Power Conveyors versus Piston Filler

These two hard working products go head to head in our second semi-final.  Power conveyors can handle almost any product and container, being built specifically for the project at hand.  Piston fillers handle tough products with high viscosity and even those with large particulates like tomato paste or jams with fruit chunks.  In the end however, the power conveyors move past the piston filler smoothly and efficiently


Power Conveyors versus Overflow Filler

These two hard working machines battle it out in our March Packaging Madness Final.  However, the heart of most packaging systems is the power conveyor system.  These machines come together in the end to take the final prize!

We are offering all packagers the chance to call our offices between now and the end of the NCAA basketball tournament for special pricing on all of our power conveyors.  Choose from C-frame, low profile or sanitary style conveyors and just mention this blog for extra savings.  Also included in this special are indexing loading conveyors and cooling conveyors, so don't miss your opportunity to save on these popular packaging machines between now and April 7th, 2014.

Call our offices directly and toll free with any questions or to receive a quote on power conveyor systems.