Mark Your Calendars For PACK EXPO International

PACK EXPO once again returns to Chicago in 2018, with the International show being held October 14th through the 17th at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Liquid Packaging Solutions will be on hand in Booth 3216 for the duration of the show highlighting some of our equipment, meeting with packagers old and new and answering any questions attendee's may have about equipment or projects!

In the next couple months, our family of packagers can expect to receive invites from Liquid Packaging Solutions that will allow the waiver of the PACK EXPO Registration Fee. Even if you do not currently use LPS equipment, the waiver is available for those who would like to attend and visit with LPS. We encourage packagers to attend the show for a number of different reasons. First, attending PACK EXPO will allow you to actually see different packaging machinery, including LPS equipment. The ability to see the equipment can help those unfamiliar understand the space required, the controls and what to expect when they choose and receive their own machinery!

Second, there is always a benefit to meeting face to face with LPS Packaging Specialists, especially when machinery is also on hand. And while LPS manufactures machinery from conveyors and turntables to rinsers, filling machines and capping equipment, there are times when OEM equipment will be integrated into the packaging system. PACK EXPO allows LPS the opportunity to introduce new packagers to our equipment as well as any equipment that may be used for integration to provide a complete packaging solution.

Finally, with the show in Chicago, only about a sixty mile drive from the LPS production facility, visitors to the show that are interested in LPS equipment are also welcome to come see the machinery currently in production! While we cannot guarantee what will be on the production floor come October, there will normally be an assortment of filling machines, capping machines and complete lines in assembly at any given time. LPS only requests that packagers who would like to visit call and set up an appointment as the LPS staff can be a little scattered around PACK EXPO time!

So keep an eye out for those invitations, or give us a call for the PACK EXPO code if you're new to packaging or PACK EXPO! It's never too early to start planning for this packaging extravaganza and, as always, we look forward to seeing the packaging community in Chicago!