New Look for the Parts Section of the Liquid Packaging Solutions Website

Anyone familiar with Liquid Packaging Solutions and the many different packaging machines used to prepare product for the shelf will also be familiar with the large number of components used to make the different machines run efficiently and consistently. While some parts and components may be used across several different machines, such as air filters and other pneumatic and electrical parts, others will be machine specific, such as overflow nozzles. As a result, the inventory of parts at LPS is expansive, to say the least. Add to the mix custom machinery built on site and sometimes it can be difficult to remember every component even when working at LPS on a daily basis! Currently, our website simply includes contact information for the head of our Parts & Service department, including a toll free number and a direct email address. In the next few weeks, LPS will be adding downloadable documents to the Parts & Service section of the website in an attempt to make it even easier for our customers to obtain the necessary wear and replacement parts for any machine on their packaging line.

While revising and compiling the new LPS Parts Book, the different sections of the book will be added under the Parts & Service page to assist those looking for parts. Once the book has been completed, it will be available for download on the same page, while the sections will also remain available for those that are looking for specific items. Those that choose can still contact David Luedtke to take advantage of his packaging expertise for parts, upgrades or technical service as well. The addition to the parts page is simply to make things easier for both our customers and our Parts & Service Staff.

As a quick reminder, Liquid Packaging Solutions stocks parts for all of the packaging machinery manufactured in the La Porte, Indiana plant. Some of the most common machines made by LPS include turntables, power conveyors, liquid fillers, capping machines and container cleaning equipment. LPS also manufactures custom equipment for unique containers, products or projects while integrating OEM machinery into packaging lines to create a one-stop shop for those seeking packaging machinery. In addition to parts for the equipment we manufacture regularly, LPS also strives to keep in stock wear and replacement parts for custom and OEM machinery as well.

So keep an eye on our website, and particularly our Parts & Service Page, in the coming weeks for an improved packaging machinery parts resource! Again, David will always be available to provide technical assistance, guidance on spare parts or simply answer packaging related questions! He can be reached via email at