Nitrogen Purge for Foods, Beverages and More

Liquid Packaging Solutions machinery is used to prepare products across a range of industries, all of which react differently in different environments. Some of these products, such as certain foods and beverages, may be susceptible to oxidation, which can severely reduce the shelf life of the product itself. In general terms, oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens when foods or beverages, or any other substance, comes into contact with oxygen, breaking down and often ruining the product.

The nitrogen purge system addresses this problem by taking oxygen out of the package and replacing it with less harmful nitrogen gas. Odorless and tasteless, the nitrogen gas extends the shelf life of products by preventing oxidation without changing the taste, texture or other characteristics of the items.

The gas purge systems used to fight oxidation are commonly placed just before the capping machine on a packaging line. As bottles pass by the purge head on the conveyor, the nitrogen is released into the head space of the container, displacing the oxygen. Placing the purge system just before the capping or sealing stops oxygen from seeping back into the container to displace the nitrogen. Simple purge systems can simply be placed at a point on the conveyor to complete the process. Custom purging machines have also been built to handle unique packaging or conveying systems.

The extended shelf life provided by this simple machine means less waste and an increased bottom line, helping to keep products fresh from packing and shipping right through to consumption. While not every packaging line or product will necessitate a nitrogen purge system, for those packagers preparing liquids, powders or other items susceptible to oxidation, the benefits of such a system far outweigh the cost.

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