Nitrogen Purge Systems In Stock at Liquid Packaging Solutions

Nitrogen purge systems from Liquid Packaging Solutions complement packaging systems for a wide range of products. The system typically works to remove the oxygen from the headspace of a bottle or container to protect a product and extend the shelf life while maintaining the natural taste, texture and color of the product. For this reason, purge systems are most often used for food and beverage products, as well as other products made for consumption or ingestion.

When dealing with food and certain other products, oxygen can have a detrimental effect by breaking down the product over time. A nitrogen purge removes oxygen and replaces it with nitrogen, a less harmful gas. Odorless and tasteless, the nitrogen works to extend the shelf life of the product with no other negative effect on the items being prepared for consumers. The simple nitrogen purge system can be connected to almost any packager's conveyor system. The purge typically takes place just before the capping or sealing of the container to take full advantage of the removal of oxygen and maximize the benefits of the nitrogen. However, systems can also be used for pre-fill purging as well.

The system will use a sensor to detect containers as they pass by the purge head, releasing a set amount of nitrogen for each container. Conveyor mounting of the system is a simple process and the machine can be moved if necessary for new machinery or adjustments to the purging process. Tool-free adjustment allows for quick and easy modification for different container sizes or shapes. Simple hand knobs allow the purge head to be moved both up and down as well as in and out on the conveyor. With these quick adjustments, a variety of different containers can be purged with little to no added downtime. For unique or custom packaging systems, the purge system can be built on a stainless steel frame as well.

Nitrogen purge systems can be used for both liquid and powder products, and the easy conveyor mount allows the system to be integrated with almost any existing packaging line. The purge system can also be included as part of a complete packaging line that includes rinsing, filling, capping, labeling and more. Though not all packaging projects will require or need a purge system, for perishable products, the benefits of a nitrogen purge system will often far outweigh the cost.

Liquid Packaging Solutions currently has conveyor mounted nitrogen purge systems in stock. To learn more about the nitrogen purge and how it can help protect and extend the life of your product, or to receive a quote on a system, simply call LPS directly at 1-219-393-3600 or use the contact or quote forms found on every page of the website.