PACK EXPO 2016 Brings Together Packaging From Every Industry and From Around the World

The 2016 PACK EXPO show wrapped up last week at Chicago's McCormick Place and once again Liquid Packaging Solutions had the chance to touch base with many current customers while also meeting some new industry professionals. Though no tally was kept, LPS representatives suggested that more packagers and industry professionals visited our exhibit than at any other show in recent memory.

LPS set up an overflow filling machine for display in the booth at this year's show, and the overflow filler continues to be one of the more popular pieces of equipment being requested and built at LPS. However, visitors to this year's booth were looking for a variety of different equipment, ranging from simple turntable and accumulation solutions to complete packaging lines equipped with machinery to rinse, fill, cap, label, code and pack products. Industries represented included bottled water, distilled spirits and other beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products such as salsas and sauces, cleaning products and many others. It's this diversity of products and projects that always makes the PACK EXPO show entertaining to work.

And of course PACK EXPO brings in packagers not just from the Chicago area but across the United States and around the world. Just a few of the many packagers we met hailed from Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy and Romania, reminding us every year that the packaging industry is truly a global industry. As our Representatives settle back in to the Indiana office this week, we want to thank everyone who visited the booth to discuss packaging projects as well as those who just stopped by to touch base and say hello. For those awaiting quotations or contact for more information, LPS will be in touch in the near future to discuss projects and solutions.

For those that visited and those who couldn't make it to the booth, just a quick reminder that LPS manufactures packaging equipment including turntables and conveyors, rinsing machines, liquid fillers, capping machinery, nitrogen purge equipment and other custom packaging machinery.  Almost all of our equipment can be manufactured as fully automatic packaging machinery as well as in semi-automatic and tabletop versions.  What this means for packagers is that LPS equipment can handle production demands both large and small while fitting just about anyone's budget.  LPS also offers integration services as well as installation, training, technical service and spare parts. At LPS, the focus is on more than just manufacturing the best equipment for each packaging project, but also on ensuring that those machines and solutions continue to work for the packager as long as needed. To learn more about any of our equipment, or to discuss current projects, simply call our offices toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.