PACK EXPO Connects Product Spotlight - Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

We are now one month away from PACK EXPO Connects, the first virtual PACK EXPO show as we all adapt to our current situation. Liquid Packaging Solutions is busy getting ready for the show, and as a part of our preparation, we are putting together our live demos, to take place the week of November 9th. One of the machines that LPS will be holding a demonstration for will be the Automatic Spindle Capper, arguably our most popular capping machine. To attend the live demo, simply sign up for the PACK EXPO show, then visit the LPS showroom to add the demo to your agenda!

Attendees will have two opportunities to join LPS for a demonstration of the Automatic Spindle Capper. On Tuesday, November 10th and Thursday, November 12th at 12:15 PM Central Time, LPS Packaging Specialists will discuss the bottle capper and how it works to tighten screw-on type closures. Attendees will not only be able to watch the capper in action, but can also ask questions during the live demo or set up times to discuss capping projects with LPS representatives during the virtual trade show. LPS will also hold demonstrations for filling machinery as well. The liquid filler live demos will take place on Monday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 11th.

The spindle capping machine allows packagers to continuously cap bottles as they pass through the machine on a power conveyor. A cap delivery system allows for automatic delivery of a single cap to each bottle just before entering the capping area. Caps will be oriented to present correctly using either a cap elevator or a vibratory bowl in most situations. Adjustments for different caps is typically quick and easy! In the capping area, sets of spinning disks are used to contact the cap and tighten it as it passes on the conveyor. The last set of spindles will normally include a clutch to fine tune the amount of torque used to tighten the closures. Spindle cappers can handle a range of different screw-on, or continuous thread, type closures, from basic flat caps to trigger sprayers or even pump type caps.

While the spindle capping machine is ideal for screw-on type closures, other equipment may be necessary for packagers using a different type of cap. LPS also manufactures chuck cappers, ROPP cappers, snap capping machines and custom equipment. To learn more about all of the bottle cappers manufactured by LPS, simply visit the Capping Machinery page of the LPS website.