PACK EXPO Las Vegas Wrap Up

Liquid Packaging Solutions has returned to Indiana, just in time for what looks like the end of summer! This year's PACK EXPO show in Las Vegas once again put LPS in touch with many of our current family of packagers while also introducing us to some new faces in the packaging world.

Two of the most prominent product groups at the Las Vegas show this year was CBD oils and cannabis infused products, from lip balms and lotions to foods and beverages, mirroring the changes in the industry, including legalization in a number of states. Of course, other industries were also well represented, as is the case every year at PACK EXPO. From distilled spirits and other beverages to food products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and more, LPS reps discussed semi-automatic machinery, automatic lines and improvements to existing packaging solutions.

This year, LPS displayed a couple of different filling machines at the PACK EXPO show - both an overflow filler and a piston filling machine - while also offering attendees videos and information on all of the other equipment manufactured at the La Porte, Indiana plant. Representatives were also on hand to discuss current and future projects and the best solutions for both. Now back home in Indiana, LPS looks forward to starting these projects with companies new and old to finish up 2019 and head in to 2020!

For those who could not make the 2019 PACK EXPO show, LPS manufactures packaging equipment such as turntables, conveyors, rinsing machines, filling machines, capping equipment and much more, including custom equipment for special projects. LPS serves almost every industry from Food and Beverage to Oils and Lubricants, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetics and others. Knowing that companies expect growth, LPS is always focused on producing equipment that allows the machinery to grow with the packager. Combined with services such as consultation, integration, installation and service, LPS strives to create an ongoing partnership with our packagers that extends far beyond the delivery of the equipment.

So if you have a current or upcoming project but couldn't make it to Las Vegas, or to the LPS booth, this year, feel free to reach out to our Packaging Specialists for more information, answers or help in finding the right solution. Use the website to send in a request for a quote or a request for other information, or simply give LPS a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693.