Packaging Equipment for Any Industry

Packaging Equipment for Any Industry

In many different blogs and articles throughout our website, we tend to match packaging machinery with a specific industry.  For example, we have noted that an overflow filler is ideal for bottled water, a product normally packaged in a clear bottle.  A packaging line in the wine industry is likely to include an ROPP capper.  In reality, many of the packaging machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions can be used across all or a great number of industries.


Power conveyors can be designed in several different manners to meet several different objectives.  For example, sanitary style conveyors will often be used in the food and beverage industry to guard against contamination and add efficiency to the clean up process.  However, power conveyors such as low profile conveyors, C-frame conveyors and others can be seen across a wide variety of industries.  Even speciality conveyors such as indexing conveyors, accumulating conveyors or cooling conveyors will be found among every industry.  Indexing conveyors can add efficiency to a packaging line in any industry by assisting in the loading of empty containers onto the automatic packaging system.  Though one conveyor may be more popular in your industry, never assume that this observation means that specific conveyor is ideal for your packaging system.  Always take the time to make sure that the popular conveyor system meets your individual needs.


Bottle rinsers and washers are more popular in industries that package goods that will be ingested or consumed by the end user.  The food and beverage industry, along with the pharmaceutical industry, will almost always include container cleaning equipment on their packaging lines to help keep the packaging process sanitary and keep product clean and pure.  However, other industries may also use bottle rinsers or washers purely as a personal preference.  A packager in the cosmetic industry would not want residue from the production of the containers mixed with their product.  A facility producing any product that comes in a clear bottle will want clean bottles once they reach the shelf.  Though container cleaning equipment is more popular in certain industries, these packaging machines are not limited only to a few industries.


As noted above, we have often touted the overflow filling machine for bottled water.  All bottled water tends to be free-flowing and low in viscosity.  In addition, bottled water is often packaged in a clear container.  For these two reasons, the level fill produced by using the overflow principle is almost always perfect for bottled water.  Outside of the bottled water industry, however, products within any given industry will vary greatly in viscosity.  Personal care products may run from thin hand sanitizers to thicker shampoos and gels.  Varying product viscosity means that almost all types of filling equipment - overflow fillers, gravity fillers, pump fillers, piston fillers and others - will be seen in almost every industry.  Filling machines should be matched to a packaging project based on product viscosity, production rates and several other case-by-case factors.


As noted above, the wine industry uses a lot of ROPP cappers.  However, even some wines have screw off caps.  Imagining the different types of caps makes it easy to see how the same capping machinery can be used across almost every industry.  Probably the most popular type of cap is a screw off cap, or simply a screw cap.  These caps have threads and can simply be unscrewed to open a product or screwed on tight to close a product.  Screw caps themselves can come in many different varieties, including simple flat caps, sports caps, flip top caps or even trigger sprayers.  Products from bottled water to motor oil, toothpaste and window cleaning may all use a screw on cap.  It is no surprise then, that two of the most popular capping machines in any industry are spindle cappers and chuck cappers, which are used to tighten any of the various types of screw caps.  Again, the capper chosen for any given packaging project should be done so on a case-by-case basis, but spindle cappers and chuck cappers are the most likely to be used.  

Regardless of what appears to be the most popular piece of packaging equipment for your specific industry, it is always a good idea to research all available options and consult with a packaging specialist before purchasing a packaging system.  Packaging Specialists from Liquid Packaging Solutions can be reached toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to answer questions or provide packaging solutions.