Packaging Machinery - A Quick 2014 Recap From Liquid Packaging Solutions

As we prepare to close another very busy year here at Liquid Packaging Solutions, we would like to pause for a moment to take a look at the continuing trends and changes we saw during 2014. The trends and changes discussed below refer only to those seen at LPS and are unlikely to completely mirror the packaging industry as a whole. Instead, these are simply the thoughts on the year from one Packaging Specialist at one packaging company.

2014 was no different from any other year in that LPS saw inquiries from just about every industry imaginable. However, two recent industries continued to be the center of many LPS inquiries and projects over the past year. Distilled Spirit packagers continue to take center court on the LPS production floor. From tabletop fillers and corking machines to completely automatic packaging systems, craft distillers have been high on the list for three years straight now. Not too far behind in the inquiry category is the E-liquid industry, supplying the boom that has become E-cigarettes. Though seeming slowing down - at least at LPS - packagers continue to inquire about machinery for this very recently established industry. Other veteran industries such as Food and Beverage, Cleaners, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Household Products also contribute to the bulk of work done by LPS in 2014.

For the most part, the individual machines requested from packagers in all industries did not change significantly in the past year. Overflow filling machines and piston fillers continue to lead the category when it comes to filling liquid products. In the capping department, spindle capping machines remain popular as well, as it is safe to say that a majority of products still use some version of a screw on type closure. The most significant changes include increases in requests and manufacturing of a few specific types of machines. Corking machines, or bartop corkers, have seen an increase in interest, mainly from the distilled spirits industry, with the continued boom in the industry explaining the additional interest in the equipment. For the same reason, capsule spinning machines have also garnered more attention in 2014 than they have in previous years. Finally, monoblock machines, versus inline packaging systems, seem to have gained a little popularity over the past twelve months.

Moving into 2015, though some disagree, at LPS we expect continued growth and another year of projects in the distilled spirit industry, while the veteran industries mentioned above remain strong on our production schedule. In addition to our normal production schedule for typical products, LPS expects to see more completely custom projects as well, as new products emerge and packagers experiment with new package types based on the push for green packaging as well as the attempt to stand out from similar products.

As we move closer to the holiday break, we hope everyone is enjoying the season while also preparing for a productive 2015! If LPS can be of any assistance between now and the new year, do not hesitate to contact our offices directly!