Packaging Machinery - Gift Wrapped for the Holidays!

If you are a regular visitor to the Liquid Packaging Solutions website, you are probably already aware of our specials page, updated about once a month and offering special pricing on different pieces of packaging machinery! For the end of 2008, our specials page has become EXTRA special, offering some of our most popular packaging machines at prices discounted up to 15%! 

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2008 End of the Year Specials from Liquid Packaging Solutions

245-100 Automatic Wet Rinser

The LPS Automatic Bottle Wet Rinser inverts bottles over a rinse basin and uses high pressure jets of customer-supplied water or other rinse media to wash out debris and dust from inside the bottle! The Wet Rinser uses soft pad bottle grippers to avoid damage to the containers. Rinsing jets on the Automatic Wet Rinser are adjustable using fingertip knobs, making changeover from one bottle to another quick and simple!

303-150 Automatic Overflow Filler

The Automatic Overflow Filler is one of the most popular filling machines at Liquid Packaging Solutions. The Overflow Filler allows each container to be filled to an identical