Packaging Machinery and Presenting Your Product

Packaging Machinery and Presenting Your Product

For start-up companies or companies releasing a new product, two questions among many that should be asked are: 

1.  How do I want to present my product to my customer?
2.  What packaging equipment will I use to fill, cap, label and otherwise package my product?

The reality is these two questions are much more closely related than many people probably realize. Deciding how you want to present your product to your customers will in large part determine the packaging equipment necessary for your packaging line.  

For example, if you want the product itself to be visible to the consumer, you may choose to use a clear plastic bottle for packaging.  The first piece of packaging equipment to consider would then become some type of rinsing machine.  Obviously, you do not want dust, dirt or other debris visible on the inside or outside of the containers when they are presented to the customer.  Container cleaning equipment allows bottle washing prior to the packaging of the product.  In addition, container cleaning equipment, both rinsing machines and bottle washers, protect against contamination of the product.

While numerous different filling machines are available for the variety of products in our world, an overflow filling machine would be ideal for the presentation of the product in a clear bottle.  Keep in mind, however, that different filling machines work with different types of products, so the actual product will also be a factor in choosing a liquid filler.  Assuming the product is thin and rather free-flowing, an overflow filler is the ideal choice for a product being packaged in a clear bottle.  The overflow filling machine allows each individual bottle to be filled to the same level even if there are slight variations in the volume of the bottles, leaving a clean fill line and an aesthetically pleasing shelf display for your product.  

Once the product moves through the capping and sealing equipment, your next - and probably best - opportunity to make an impression on your potential customer is through your product labeling.  Labeling machinery is available to apply a wide range of label sizes and shapes in a variety of different formats.  For example, a front and back labeling machine may apply a decorative label or logo to the front of a bottle or container while allowing informational data such as ingredients or warnings to be applied on a back label.  Wrap labels can place a label around the entire bottle or container, as is seen on many beverages, including bottled water.  Custom labeling machines are also available for unique labels or label application.  Keep in mind that the label is often how the consumer identifies your product, making it your one opportunity to "speak" to the consumer.

Various other packaging equipment can be used to present your product or information on your product.  Coding equipment can be used for expiration dates, to print logos or to provide additional information on a product.  Shrink wrap bundlers can be used to create six packs, twelve packs or other bundles of product.  The possibilites for packaging and presenting your product are as numerous as the products on the shelf.

If you have an idea of how you want to present a product, new or old, to your consumers, contact the Packaging Specialists at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at 1-888-393-3693.  Our representatives will work together with you to bring your idea to life!