Packaging Machinery and the Package

Packaging Machinery and the Package

As a packaging machinery manufacturer, Liquid Packaging Solutions can only move our technology and machinery forward if we pay attention to the trends in the different packages themselves.  With a focus on sustainability and green packaging, the once seemingly unrivaled plastic bottle is waning in popularity. Stealing the spotlight recently are pouches.  The use of the pouch to package products such as foods, beverages, pet foods, shampoos and more has increased 37 percent since 2007, according to the Mintel Group, a global market research firm.  

There are a number of reasons why the packaging industry is moving toward pouches and away from plastic bottles and containers.  One, referenced above, is the effect of the plastic bottle on the environment, or in some cases the perceived effect.  Everyone has heard the horror stories about landfills full of plastic bottles and the eons that will pass before they biodegrade.  Even though progress has been made, these stories may be hard for plastic to overcome.  Pouches not only create less waste, but cost less to produce, always a bonus for a company when packaging their product.  In addition, less rigid pouches are easier to transport and take up less shelf space at the retailer.  Finally, pouches seem to appeal more to a younger crowd, as it is seen as alternative packaging and seems to give the appearance of freshness according to Charles Villa, vice president of the consumer and customer insights department at Campbell's USA.

Campbells and Heinz are two food industry giants that are currently making the move to pouches. Campbells hopes to grab the attention of the younger market segment with hip soups in pouches, moving away from the well-known red and white can.  Heinz, on the other hand, is offering a smaller, less expensive pouch of ketchup as an alternative to the normal plastic and glass ketchup bottles.  

This trend toward pouches and away from plastic bottles and containers affects how we at Liquid Packaging Solutions direct our efforts toward modifying packaging machines.  What could be called standard liquid filling machines, capping machines and other packaging equipment is currently set up for bottles of different shapes and sizes.  As the popularity of pouches continues to grow, we must look for the most effective, efficient and sustainable method for filling pouches versus bottles.  Some projects may simply require a modified or custom power conveyor system.  Other projects may work better with a monoblock filling system versus an automated inline packaging system.  As the shift occurs in the popular package, so does a shift occur in our standard packaging machinery.    

This is one of the many reasons why the people that make up Liquid Packaging Solutions enjoy the packaging industry.  Each year - sometimes each day - brings with it new projects and new challenges in building new packaging lines.

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NOTE:  Much of the information in this article came from the March 15, 2012 South Bend Tribune in an article entitled "Food pouches hot".  Thank you to Sara Whitmill Williams for bringing the article to our attention!