Packaging Machinery Considerations: The Package

Many start up companies will contact Liquid Packaging Solutions to get an idea of what they might eventually spend on packaging machinery. On a number of occasions, however, these new packagers are not yet sure what type of bottle they will be using, the closures that they will use to seal their bottle or the label type that will be used to present the product to the consumer. While this is actually a very good time to contact the packaging machinery manufacturer to learn about the different equipment, many first time packagers are surprised to find that a specific price for the equipment cannot be pinned down without the information noted above!

At LPS, we encourage packagers to contact machinery manufacturer's early, both to get an idea of what it might cost to automate a packaging process, but also to avoid surprises at a later date! While LPS packaging equipment is manufactured to handle a wide range of containers, and easily handle industry common packages such as plastic bottle water containers or 375 and 750 ml spirit and wine containers, there will always be unique containers that can offer a challenge or require custom manufacturing.

For beginning packagers trying to stand out from existing competition, choosing unique bottles, caps or other packaging components can often be a very good idea. However, uniquely shaped bottles, oddly placed openings and other creative packaging components can add cost or reduce packaging speed. Neither of these should or will discourage one of a kind packaging components. However, by contacting a packaging machinery manufacturer at the beginning stages of business planning, these issues can be taken in to account during planning, rather than reacting to them once the decisions have been made.

This type of consulting is only one of teh services above and beyond manufacturing offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions. In addition, LPS offers integration, installation, training, technical help and a stocked parts department to help in a time of need. LPS strives not just to build great packaging solutions, but also to create a partnership with those packagers who put their trust in our people and machinery.