Packaging Machinery Market Growth Led by Chemicals, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

New market research projects the packaging machinery market to reach 56.7 billion dollars by 2027, up over 10 billion dollars from the current number of 46.4 billion in 2022. According to the research, the jump over the next five years will be led by an increase in demand in for machinery in the cleaners and chemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

While these industries will lead the growth, Liquid Packaging Solutions expects to see more projects across all industries, including single machinery solutions and fully integrated packaging lines. With more and more people looking to go into business for themselves, local and regional packagers will likely increase the demand for tabletop and semi-automatic packaging equipment, including rinsing machinery, liquid fillers, capping equipment and more.

With growth, many of these companies eventually upgrade to automatic equipment, and with veteran packagers adding more product and lines, automatic equipment will also see an increase in popularity over the next five years. In addition to cleaners, chemicals, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals, LPS is also seeing increased interest in automation for the packaging process in just about every other industry imaginable, including cosmetics, oils, lubricants, personal care and more.

The reasons for the increase in demand for packaging machinery are many, ranging from a simple increase in the number of products offered to consumers to the recent pandemic during which production workers simply were not available. While semi-automatic packaging equipment still requires an operator, these machines can take tasks such as capping bottles and reduce the necessary work force from dozens of workers to a single operator depending on the demand and the needs of the packager.

LPS works individually with packagers to find the best solution based on the products, packaging, production speed, space and many other factors. In addition to manufacturing packaging equipment, LPS also offers services such as consultation, integration, installation and training. To speak with a Packaging Specialist about your current project, simply call LPS today.

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