Packaging Machinery Solutions - Rinse, Fill, Cap and More

Liquid Packaging Solutions provides a resource for almost any business preparing a liquid product for the market. From packaging machinery to packaging services, LPS strives to provide go-to solutions for any number of packaging projects. While rinsing, filling and capping machinery make up a majority of the equipment manufactured in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, custom packaging solutions are also available for truly unique product preparation.

Packaging Machinery

At LPS, both complete packaging lines and individual machines are fabricated, assembled, tested and shipped to the packager. The machines serve a wide range of industries, from Food & Beverage to Cosmetic, Household Products, Chemicals and more. Most packaging lines manufactured by LPS will include rinsers, liquid fillers and capping equipment, though each of these machines may also be manufactured as a stand alone solution. In addition, these lines may be built as either automatic or semi-automatic equipment, with some machinery available as tabletop models for those packagers with smaller output or limited packaging space. Of course, other equipment may also be used depending on the needs of the packager and the automation level. Loading equipment such as turntables and laning conveyors can be used with both automatic and semi-automatic lines, and power conveyor systems can be built to move bottles and other containers from machine to machine.

As noted below, even OEM equipment, such as labeling machines and coding solutions, can be added to the machinery manufactured by LPS to create a complete packaging system.

Packaging Services

LPS equipment is not simply picked from the shelf and sent to a packager. Almost every piece of equipment manufactured will be custom designed for the project at hand. This is done by consulting with the packager. The first service offered by LPS includes discussions with the company, line layouts and possibly plant visits and sample submissions to ensure the right machinery is chosen for the project.

In addition to consulting, LPS offers a number of other services throughout the process of manufacturing and delivery of the equipment. This includes the integration noted above, which allows packagers to add OEM machinery such as labelers, coders and more to a packaging line. In addition, LPS offers training and installation, which may occur at LPS, at the packager's site or some combination of both.

Finally, after delivery, training and installation, LPS offers technical service and spare parts to packagers, ensuring that the equipment not only runs efficiently upon arrival, but for years to come! If you have not worked with LPS in the past, contact a Packaging Specialist today to discover the solutions offered by LPS and how the company can help you find the best packaging solution for your own project.