Packaging Machinery Spotlight - Automatic Pump Filling Machine

Packaging Machinery Product Spotlight - Automatic Pump Filling Machine

Whether filling your bottles using a time or pulse based method, pump filling machines are ideal filling machines for thicker products and some products that contain particulates.  A time based filling method will simply fill by allowing the pump to run for the same length of time each fill cycle.  A pulse based filling system will not utilize time, but will measure revolutions or movements of the pump.  For example, a "pulse" on a gear pump would be a revolution or partial revolution of the gear.  The type of pump used on the filling equipment will be determined by the product being filled.  While pump filling machinery can be manufactured as a tabletop or semi-automatic machine as well, the automatic pump filling machine is in our Packaging Machinery Product Spotlight.
Most automatic pump filling machines will be manufactured on a standard, portable stainless steel frame.  The C-Frame design will allow the pump filler to roll up to almost any existing packaging system.  Automatic pump fillers can also be manufactured with anywhere from to to six fill heads.  This is slightly different from overflow fillers and gravity filling machines that may include up to sixteen fill heads.  The reason for the discrepancy lies in the fact that each fill head on a pump filler will require its own pump.  The frame and number of fill heads may vary for some applications, as custom filling machinery is always available to handle unique filling projects.
Automatic pump filling equipment also includes an automatic indexing systems to keep the filling cycles moving continuously.  Pin, or gate, indexing is probably the most popular indexing system on pump filling machinery.  This type of indexing system using an entry gate combined with a sensor to allow the correct number of bottles to move under the fill heads.  Once the sensor has seen the right number of bottles, the entry gate will close, stopping additional bottles from entering the fill area.  The exit gate then holds bottles in place during the fill process.  Once the fill cycle is complete, the exit gate opens and the filled containers continue down the belt conveyor system to be capped, labeled, packed and shipped.
Sensors are also used for vision systems on the automatic pump filling machine to assist in troubleshooting and consistent filling.  A no bottle, no fill vision system is used to ensure the correct number of bottles is in place for the filling process.  If a bottle is missing, the filling machine will not cycle, thus avoiding messy spills in the absence of a container.  An anti-bottle back up system is also used to avoid spills and bottle jams downline on the belt conveyor system.  If the sensors see a bottle for a specific amount of time, the vision system assumes that the bottles are not moving as they should on the power conveyors, and the bottle filler will stop running fill cycles.  This avoids bottle back ups and pressure build up that could lead to spills or damage packaging equipment.  
The controls for the automatic pump filler make set up and operation of the filling machine quick and simple.  An Allen Bradley PLC allows for the setting of multiple duration and delay times that allows the filling machine to perform consistently, accurately and efficiently on the bottle being run.  A recipe screen lets the operator of the filling machine save and recall the delay and duration times for a specific bottle as well.  Power height adjustments, combined with easy to adjust conveyor rails, makes changeover from one container to another a simple process as well.
The automatic pump filling machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions can also be manufactured with many different options to make the filler ideal for an individual product.  Bottle grabbers can help stabilize containers.  Diving nozzles and bottom up filling processes can assist with foamy products or air pockets when filling thicker products.  Product agitation and mixing systems can also be added for products that contain particulates that may tend to settle in the supply tank.  
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