Packaging Services - More Than Manufacturing

Once a company has packaging machinery in place, it may be years before Liquid Packaging Solutions actually manufactures a machine for that company, though many companies will add or upgrade machinery on a regular basis. But even when LPS is not building equipment for our customers, we provide a support terminal through the various services offered both before and after equipment has been installed.


Many of our relationships with packagers begin with a phone call or an email asking for information or advice regarding equipment for a particular product. The knowledge and experience of the staff at LPS make our consultation services one of the most important services we offer, especially for new packagers that may not have previously dealt with equipment like liquid fillers, capping machines or power conveyors. During consultation, LPS staff members will work with the packager to identify the best solution for current and future needs based on factors such as the product itself, the packages being used, the production demand and many other factors. Consuultation services cover a wide range of activities and may include a visit to the packagers plant to see the production space, providing a line layout for a packager, requesting samples to become familiar with the product and package or simply explaining the differences between alternative packaging machines.


While LPS manufactures many different types of packaging equipment, we simply don't do them all! But using our integration service allows customers to acquire all of their equipment through LPS instead of piecing together a complete system from a handful of manufacturers. As an example, let's consider a simple automatic system with a filling machine, capping machine and a labeler. The power conveyors, filling machine and bottle capper would all be manufactured at the LPS plant in La Porte, Indiana. While LPS does not manufacture labelers, we have relationships with some of the companies that produce some of the best labeling equipment in the packaging industry. Working with these companies, LPS will incorporate, or integrate, the best labeling solution into the equipment at the plant, providing the packager with a complete system.


Once the equipment is built, many packagers might have a difficult time getting the more complex machinery going if it was just dropped at the dock. Liquid Packaging Solutions provides installation services that help to ensure that the equipment is up and running efficiently from the first day of production. Technicians will arrive right around the time the equipment arrives to level, set up and dial in the equipment.


Of course, even if the equipment is initially set up correctly, the packagers themselves need to understand that set up as well as the controls for the various machinery. LPS technicians will not only install and set up the equipment, but will train the packager and his or her staff on the proper use of the machinery. Of course, different machines will require different levels of training and such training may involve something as simple as a manual and a phone call or the training may require the presence of a technician for multiple days until the packager and staff are comfortable with set up, adjustments, changeover and the actual controls of the machinery.


Packaging equipment runs the gamet from simple hand held machines to fully automatic packaging lines. As with any machine, maintenance and service will be required over time. The service department at LPS will handle incoming calls for a host of equipment issues, from something as simple as a setting accidentally getting changed to a machine that simple stops working. Again, the knowledge and experience of the LPS staff can be of benefit to packagers or operators when a unique or unexpected issue arises. In addition to simple phone calls and emails, the service staff is available for on-site assistance for changes or additions to packaging systems, for re-training of individuals after operator turnover or for any other reason that the packager may desire an on-location visit.


Finally, packaging machinery will almost always include some components that are known as wear parts. These parts, generally speaking, come in contact with the package or product. Spindle wheels, for example, on a capping machine contact the bottle cap in order to tighten the same. LPS keeps a parts room stocked with all the wear and spare parts necessary for the equipment manufactured by the company, as well as a wide variety of OEM parts. This service allows packagers peace of mind in knowing that almost any part can be obtained quickly and easily from LPS, thus reducing or eliminating down time should the packager find themselves without a necessary replacement.