Pallet Wrappers - 1


Pallet Wrappers come in three different levels of automation: Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic. However, within each of these levels of automation, the pallet wrappers have several different options available. The manual pallet wrappers can be as simple as a turntable activated by a footswitch. However, you may choose a manual pallet wrapper with an up and down film carriage raised and lowered by the user.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers offer even more options, including variable speed carriage lifts, top and bottom wrap selections and pre-stretch of the pallet wrapper film. These pallet wrapper models allow for greater speed on your packaging line and are also available with dual turntables for added efficiency.

Finally, automatic, portable pallet wrappers allow movement from line to line for packaging systems with several lines. With features such as pre-stretch film delivery, variable speed carriages and automatic film cutting and wiping, these pallet wrappers are ideal for high output packaging systems.

When shopping for a pallet wrapper, you may also notice that each of the levels of automation are available in high-profile and low-profile models. This is referring to the turntable height. High-profile pallet wrappers are set up for use with a forklift. Low-profile pallet wrappers have a turntable ideal for loading and unloading with a pallet jack or hand truck.


Orbital pallet wrappers are available from Liquid Packaging Solutions as well. The orbital pallet wrappers can have a ring size of anywhere from 10