Parts and Service at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Parts and Service at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

As any packager of a product is aware, almost all packaging machinery includes components known as wear parts.  These parts are normally contact parts that, due to the contact, will need to be replaced over time to keep the equipment functioning at a high level.  Examples include seals on filling machine nozzles, rubber tightening disks on spindle capping machines and even belting on power conveyors.  In addition, new bottles or products can require adjustments to set up and operation of packaging machinery, which can be tricky on occasion.  For these reasons, Liquid Packaging Solutions stocks a wide range of spare parts on site at the La Porte, Indiana plant while also looking for the best talent possible to assist with service and troubleshooting after the manufacturing of the equipment is complete.  

The recent addition of David Luedtke to the LPS staff has already proven to be a benefit not only to LPS, but to those that we serve.  David's twenty plus years of experience in the packaging industry makes him an ideal fit for helping packagers with parts, service and upgrades.  


As many packagers already know, LPS not only manufactures packaging equipment, but also integrates machinery such as labeling equipment, induction sealers and coding machines with the liquid fillers, capping machines, power conveyors and other equipment built at the LPS plant.  In essence, LPS provides one stop shopping for all packaging needs.  This service continues after the equipment is delivered to the customer through the availability of spare and replacement parts for both the equipment manufactured at LPS as well as those machines integrated into packaging lines.  


From time to time, new products or bottles may be introduced to an existing packaging line.  Of course, employee turnover is also a concern, along with machinery malfunctions where the source simply cannot be identified.  At LPS, we understand the frustration that can ensue when these situations arise, which is why our technical service department is only a phone call away.  In addition to parts sales, David Luedtke will head the service department and assist in keeping production running.  Over the years, we have found that a majority of such technical issues can be resolved with a phone call and some long distance assistance.  However, on-site service calls are also available when the solution simply evades discovery.  


Packaging equipment and turnkey packaging lines manufactured and integrated by LPS can be, and often is, built to grow with the packaging company.  Once production reaches a certain level, upgrades may be necessary for individual machines like container cleaning equipment or filling machines.  In the alternative, a production increase may be needed for the whole line.  Whether adding nozzles to a machine or converting semi-automatic equipment to a fully automatic system, David and the LPS team of Packaging Specialists can assist with the necessary parts or visit to complete upgrades as well.  

We encourage anyone looking for parts, technical assistance or upgrades to contact David directly for assistance.  He can be reached via email at or feel free to call David directly at 1-888-393-3693 x 315.