Picking a Package About More Than Just Looks

For new companies and new products, choosing a package can have long term effects. Of course, a packager will want a bottle or container, along with caps, labels and other components, that looks good on the shelf and that consumers find appealing. However, aesthetic value is not the only factor that should be taken in to account, as a number of other factors can also help a product to succeed.

1. Convenience

It is no secret that consumers want a package that offers convenience. This may be a simple, small package for certain items, such as single serving foods. It may be a resealable package for larger portions of a product. Convenience may come in the form of a bottle with a simple screw-on cap, or an easy to carry container with multiple products. Obviously, convenience will mean different things for different products and even to different people. But when choosing a package and packaging components, businesses should analyze each of their products to consider how packaging can make a consumer's life easier!

2. Sustainability

While the definition of sustainability may also differ from industry to industry, or even person to person, for packaging purposes there are a few items that most can agree on. Generally speaking, sustainable packaging will do it's best to remove or reduce waste from both the process and the package. This can be achieved by choosing packaging materials that are recyclable or reusable as well as looking to remove waste from the packaging process or even the transportation of packages and products. understanding what goes in to creating a package and what it takes to run that package through rinsing machines, liquid fillers, capping machines and other processes can help to choose a package that reduces waste!

3. Expense

All packagers want to keep their products competitive in the marketplace, which includes setting a reasonable price for items. Take in to account that the cost of your product must cover the cost of each bottle or container sold! Expensive bottles, caps and labels will drive up the cost of the end product. In addition, custom containers often require custom packaging processes, including packaging machinery. The cost and time to actually prepare product for the shelf must also be factored in to the final price of the product.

Balancing a unique look with a convenient, sustainable container that will not require extreme time and money to prepare for the shelf can be a tough chore. As packaging machinery manufacturers, Liquid Packaging Solutions sees many custom containers, unique closures and decorated labels. These items can make a product stand out against competition while also attracting buyers! LPS in no way discourages packagers from using unique packaging for any product, but rather encourages packagers to understand the value of other features of the package as well.