Picking a Package For Your Project

A big part of starting up a business is marketing the product or products that will be produced. Marketing may begin well before any packaging machinery is purchased to assist in the process of preparing a product for the shelf. In fact, many small start up businesses may hand package products as long as they can keep up with the demand. SO in the end, a business may not even be thinking about packaging machinery when they choose a bottle, closure, label, sleeve or other component. However, the type of package and package components being used for any project will affect the packaging machinery that will be necessary to prepare the product.

While in no way should this discourage a company from using unique packaging, as this is one trick of marketing that can help a product to stand out from competitors. Instead, a company should simply be aware of the possibility of a need for custom packaging equipment when using atypical packages and ensure that the package itself will not be cost-prohibitive in the long run. The solution for such an issue is simple. Involve the packaging machinery manufacturer early in the process, even if the packaging equipment will not be used until a future date, if at all. A packaging machinery manufacturer can consult on a project to ensure there will be no surprises with the chosen package should machinery be used even in the future.

A simple example would be the use of a bottle that is asymmetrical. Such a bottle may be just as simple to rinse and fill by hand as any regular round bottle, though some may argue they are more difficult to handle and transfer, even by hand. When automated the rinsing and filling process, however, such a bottle will definitely be more difficult to keep stable and move through the packaging process. The bottle can still be rinsed and filled automatically, but the typical machines may not work.

First, the conveyors to move the asymetrical bottles may need to add another set of rails or even a custom stabilizing solution to ensure the bottles don't tip or jam as they are moved down the system. Rinsing machine typically clamp and invert containers to remove dust, dirt and other debris. If the unusual bottles cannot be secured and inverted, a bottle vacuum may need to be added to the system. Filling may require some modification to the typical range of motion if this bottle is especially tall or wide, or special nozzles may be necessary if the opening is located in an unusual spot.

Keep in mind that none of the things mentioned above WILL be cost-prohibitive, there is simply a possiblity that custom machinery may be necessary. Involving a machinery manufacturer from the outset can help a packager to know how much of an extra investment, if any, the unique package and components will require. To discuss your own project with a Packaging Specialist, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.