Piston Filler Machines

Piston Filling Machines

Piston Fillers are normally used to handle products such as honey, syrup, paste and other thicker viscosity products, though they will work with virtually any product.  These filling machines can also handle products that include large particulates, like the pieces of fruit found in some jams and jellies.  While the piston on a filling machine may limit the range of volumes that can be filled, some range does still exist.  These volumetric fillers are also highly accurate, making them ideal for facilities that fill thick products into one container or several containers of similar size.

In general, the piston filler takes product into the cylinder when the piston retracts.  Once fully retracted, the piston pushes the product out of the cylinder and into the waiting containers.  By being able to consistently repeat the same stroke of the cylinder, the piston filler is able to achieve highly accurate volumetric fills.  Simple adjustments to the stroke, either shortening or lengthening it, also allows some adjustment to the amount of product actually being dispensed into the container. 

Accurate piston filling machines are also available in different levels of automation.  Semi-automatic and tabletop piston fillers allow an operator to fill one or more containers at a time, usually by simply stepping on a footswitch.  Completely automated piston fillers can be used when production requirements are high, and can include up to eight fill heads.  Semi-automatic piston fillers can usually accommodate an upgraded to automatic machinery should the need arise in the future.  Similarly, automatic piston fillers can be manufactured with a lower number of fill heads, but be built to accommodate additional heads in the future as production demand rises.

Finally, the piston fillers can be manufactured with a number of different options for specific projects. Heated hoppers can be used for products that need to be filled hot.  Diving head nozzles can be used for bottom up filling.  A product agitator can be added to keep particulates from settling during the filling process.  To learn more about the options available and the piston fillers in general, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.