Plan Now for 2023 Packaging Machinery Projects

With a full production floor heading into the last two weeks of 2022 and work that will carry over into the New Year, Liquid Packaging Solutions encourages all packagers to start planning early for 2023 packaging machinery projects! Whether adding a new automated line, integrating equipment into an existing system or upgrading current equipment, early preparations help to ensure efficient solutions with timely results.

For packagers in the planning stages of a machinery project, LPS encourages an early contact to discuss the work with one of our Packaging Specialists. Consultation comes with no obligation, and the years of combined experience at LPS means there is seldom a liquid, bottle, cap or other component of a project that has not been experienced by at least one of the company's employees. From simple questions to help with layouts or available machine options, including LPS in the planning stages can help to eliminate issues before the project even begins!

In addition to experience, early planning can ensure completion by a target date. With supply chain issues lingering from the worst of the pandemic, along with a still somewhat uncertain future regarding future outbreaks, timelines for acquiring materials and components remain unsettled. Getting an early start on a project and including LPS in the planning stages allows LPS to better determine what will be necessary and how quickly all necessary pieces can be acquired.

Finally, the packaging machinery market is expected to see significant growth over the next few years. With more and more businesses moving to automation, getting a manufacturer involved early in the process ensures that projects will hit the production floor when desired by the packager. Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures a wide range of packaging machinery for just as wide a range of industries. But unfortunately, just like any business, the capacity of LPS is not unlimited either. Each of these combined aspects of packaging machinery projects makes it almost imperative that packagers get a jump on projects and involve machinery manufacturers at an early stage to ensure successful solutions.

LPS manufactures turntables, conveyors, rinsers, filling machines, capping machines and other packaging equipment, including custom packaging machinery, in LaPorte, Indiana. LPS equipment is in service across the United States and around the world. In addition to manufacturing, packagers can find obligation-free consultation, integration of OEM equipment, installation, training, parts and service at LPS. To learn more about the company and the assistance and solutions offered to all packagers, simply call and speak to a Packaging Specialist today.