Post Delivery Packaging Services from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

In a perfect world, every piece of packaging equipment and every component on every packaging machine would work eternally just as it does on Day One of production. Unfortunately, most machines contain wear parts, and the packaging process itself does not always remain static. For these and other reasons, LPS is always available to packagers even after the equipment has been delivered.

Upon delivery of equipment, LPS technicians can both install the machinery and train those that will be operating the equipment as well. While automatic packaging lines are not difficult to operate, learning the ins and outs of the control interface, as well as the details of set-up, changeover and maintenance can make the packaging process much more efficient. Machines like automatic liquid rinser and fillers will include settings for each set of bottles and/or all of the different products to be run. Though recipes will typically be saved in the machines for all possible combinations for the different machinery, operators of the automatic lines will still benefit from understanding the process of set-up, especially when new bottles or products will be introduced in the future. In addition, changeover will normally include some physical changes to the equipment, such as guiderail adjustments, nozzle re-positioning and similar modifications. Spending some time going over the different processes with LPS technicians helps prepare the operators to run the machine from the outset as well as in the future.

As noted above, almost all automatic packaging equipment will include wear parts. Conveyor belting may wear over time, especially where heavy loads are consistently transferred from machine to machine. Overflow fillers include nozzle seals that contact the bottle with each fill cycle. Spindle capping machines use disks to tighten down each cap as the bottle and cap move through the machine. Each of these, and other, parts will need to be replaced in time, and LPS offers replacement parts for the equipment manufactured in the La Porte, Indiana plant, as well as many parts for machines that are integrated into complete packaging lines. In most cases, parts can be sent out the same day as they are ordered, though LPS does suggest keeping spare parts on hand to avoid excessive downtime!

Finally, on rare occasions, packaging equipment just stops doing what it was built to do. From human error to bad components, LPS technicians will help to diagnose machinery performance issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. A majority of the time such issues can be worked out with a simple phone call, but techs are also available to visit the site and even re-train or fine tune complicated equipment.

While we call ourselves a packaging machinery manufacturer, we at the same time hope that our family of packagers see us as much more than just a manufacturer. LPS strives to create and maintain a working relationship with each and every packager that will benefit both businesses in the now and in the future. For help with troubleshooting or for spare parts, contact LPS toll-free today at 1-888-393-3693.