Power Conveyors On Sale Throughout December

Though more time will normally be spent discussing the details and options for filling machines, capping machines and other equipment, none of the automatic machines will come close to meeting their potential without a power conveyor system. The rinser, filler, capper or labeler simply will not meet maximum efficiency if the containers cannot be delivered to them in a timely manner. This December, LPS offers all packagers the opportunity to add, modify, upgrade or replace power conveyors by offering special pricing on conveyors and conveyor systems through December.

Power conveyors come manufactured in several different styles to meet the needs of different packaging projects and processes. C-frame conveyors are normally a heavy duty stainless steel type of conveyor that can be used to move a number of different products and handle heavy weights well. These conveyors include an enclosed return and can be manufactured at different heights, widths and lengths to meet specific needs. Sanitary style conveyors are also typically constructed using stainless steel but will differ from C-frame conveyors by using a raised belt to transfer containers and product. Sanitary style conveyors can also be built to different height, width and length specs and are ideal for projects that require or can benefit from quick clean up and changeover. Low profile conveyors are manufactured to save space. With a compact design, these conveyors fit into tight spaces in and around packaging machinery and production floors.

Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures custom or specialty conveyors for unique projects or uses. Construction material may be changed to include HDPE when acids and harsh chemicals are being packaged. Curved conveyor sections may be added when the production floor requires something other than a straight line packaging system. All conveyor systems can be built to the specifications of the project at hand, and of course, different belt types and materials are available for different applications as well. In other words, LPS will analyze your project and help you choose the ideal conveyor, belting, line height and other options for your specific project.

While conveyors and conveyor products are used mainly to move products, other uses do exist. Some processes may benefit from loading or laning conveyor systems. Loading and laning conveyors allow for quick bottle loading at the beginning of a packaging system, by letting an operator quickly and easily move bottles from bags, boxes or cases onto a loading platform. The loading or laning conveyor then delivers the bottles to the main conveyor system for delivery to the other packaging machinery. Cooling conveyors allow certain products, such as waxes or other hot fill items, to set and cool between filling and capping. The cooling may be necessary to avoid inconsistent settling or even to protect the containers and the seal of the container from the heated product. Accumulation conveyors simply gather finished product at the end of a packaging line. These conveyors can assist in quick and easy packing to prepare final product for shipping. These are just a few of the unique uses of conveyor systems, if you would like to learn more about conveyor systems and the December special at LPS, call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.