Product Spotlight - Automatic Overflow Filler


Liquid filling equipment can be manufactured using many different filling principles.  Each filling system will be designed to work with the product, containers and production needs of the individual packaging project.  Each bottle filler and each filling principle has its own unique advantages when added to a packaging system.  The automatic overflow filler is a good choice for a number of thin, free-flowing products, products that foam, and some products with particulates.

Automatic overflow filling equipment uses a unique filling nozzle that recirculates product and allows for a consistent, level fill on each bottle, regardless of small variances in the internal volume of the container.  The nozzle on the overflow filling system dives into the bottle and creates a seal over the bottle opening, pressurizing the bottle.  Once sealed, the overflow nozzle releases product into the bottle.  Once the product reaches a second port on the nozzle, the overflow port, product is taken away from the containers and returns to the product reservoir or tank.  The "overflow" back into the product reservoir is what allows each and every container to be filled to a consistent level. 

So what makes a consistent level so important when packaging products?  Think about window cleaner, bottled water and other beverages.  When these products appear on the shelf, consumers can see the fill level on each and every container.  Inconsistent fills not only create an unattractive shelf presence, but can actually keep consumer confidence high if they are given the same product and the same amount on a consistent basis.

The automatic overflow filling system can be manufactured with anywhere from two to sixteen fill heads and can roll up to nearly any existing conveyor, making it easy to integrate into an existing packaging line.  The standard overflow filler includes a PLC with an easy to use touchscreen operator interface, allowing for quick and easy changes of fill times, indexing times and other filling equipment controls. 

Another great feature of the automatic overflow bottle filler is that it allows a company to start small and grow!  If the overflow filler is originally manufactured with two fill nozzles to meet current production needs, the filling equipment can easily be upgraded with additional heads, up to the maximum sixteen, in the future.  The overflow filling system allows your company to grow without the need to purchase new filling equipment each time additional shelf space is achieved.

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers many different filling systems for liquid products.  To learn more about overflow filling equipment or any of the liquid fillers manufactured by LPS, call a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.