Product Spotlight - Corrosion Resistant Filling Machines

While different materials can be used to manufacture all different types of packaging machinery, the most common material is by far stainless steel. Among other traits, stainless steel is a strong, durable, long-lasting material that is also capable of being easily cleaned. In addition, stainless steel has a capacity to work well with a wide range of products, which is a definite benefit in an industry that packages products from food and beverage to oils, chemicals, cleaners and just about every other liquid imaginable. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and certain liquids simply do not interact well with stainless steel.

Bleach products, acids and other harsh chemicals can break down steel when these products come in contact with the liquid, or in some cases, even just the fumes. Corrosion resistant filling machines are manufactured with these liquids in mind. Rather than building the machinery using stainless steel components, HDPE frames, tanks and components will be used to fight against corrosion and a shortened machinery life. Nozzles and tubing on these filling machines will also be matched to the products to ensure the entire product path way is resistant to corrosion, with teflon and HDPE being used, respectively, in many cases.

Corrosion resistant fillers can use a variety of different filling principles depending on the product being filled. These bottle fillers can also be manufactured as both semi-automatic and automatic machinery, able to meet small or large production demands. Semi-automatic machinery will require a little more operator interaction, with manual labor used to load and unload bottles as well as activate the fill cycle. Automatic corrosion resistant filling machines use indexing systems and a PLC to allow for quick and easy set up and production, leaving the operator to simply monitor the machine once the filling process begins. Automatic machines can fill up to sixteen bottles per cycle, though not all fillers will start with the maximum number of heads.

In addition to corrosion resistant filling machines, several other pieces of equipment may be manufactured using HDPE to complete a corrosion resistant packaging line. Turntables, conveyors and other machines can also substitute HDPE and other materials to make them compatible with the corrosion resistant filler and the products being manufactured. This is especially important for chemicals with harsh fumes to ensure the life of the entire packaging system, and not just the liquid filler.

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