Product Spotlight - Low Profile Belt Conveyor Systems


When laying out an automated packaging line, floor space is always an issue.  Truly automated packaging systems may require a multitude of different packaging machines to clean, fill, cap, label, code, pack and wrap a product.  In addition, a system must be designed to move containers from one packaging phase to another.  Low profile belt conveyor systems can help add the flexibility necessary to fit the packaging line into the space alloted for the specific system.

Low profile conveyors are manufactured with a short span from the bottom of the conveyor frame to the top of the conveyor belt, as well as a short span between the edge of the conveyor frame and the edge of the conveyor belt.  The low profile belt conveyors are manufactured in this manner to allow the conveyors to fit in tight spots where conventional conveyors may not fit.  

Low profile conveyors may also be manufactured in a wide variety of lengths and widths.  Standard conveyor lengths from Liquid Packaging Solutions range from five feet to twenty feet in five foot increments, but custom lengths are always available without extended wait times.  Belt conveyor systems are formed by simply connecting multiple conveyors together throughout the packaging line.  While conveyor guiderails support bottles as they move along the conveyor system, they also allow for some adjustment to the width of the conveyors.  Guiderails can be adjusted in and out on the low profile conveyors through the use of easily adjustable fingertip knobs.  This adjustment allows the belt conveyors to run a range of container widths.  In addition, a double rail system can be added to the conveyors to allow for support of tall or top heavy containers.  

Of course, not all packaging systems can or will run in a straight line on the production floor. Horseshoe packaging systems are popular where production floor space is limited.  In general, on a horseshoe packaging line, the conveyor will run in a straight line down one wall of the facility.  This first stage of the horseshoe may include a bottle unscrambler, container cleaning equipment and a filler.  Once filled, the containers enter a transfer turntable.  The turntable shifts container direction ninety degrees to the second conveyor system on the horseshoe line.  The containers may then run through a capping machine and an induction sealer before entering another transfer turntable.  The last ninety degree turn will send the bottles down a third conveyor system, where containers may be labeled, coded and accumulated for packing.  Transfer turntables offer a quick and easy solution when space requires shifts in direction on a belt conveyor system.

However, at times even the ninety degree turns offered by tranfer turntables will not offer enough flexibility.  In these cases, belt conveyor systems can be manufactured with curved sections that allow for more subtle or more frequent changes in direction.  These curved sections are especially useful in setting up packaging systems in facilities with unique shapes or facilities with pillars or other support structures that may hinder straight line packaging systems.   

Low profile belt conveyor systems also offer many different belt alternatives that allow for moving a variety of products, from static-resistant to heat resistant, plastic to stainless steel.  Variable speed DC motors and controllers are also included on each of the conveyors, offering simple control of the belt speed for different containers and production speeds.

Low profile belt conveyor systems offer the flexibility necessary to run product through almost any packaging system.  To learn more about these conveyors and all conveyors manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., view the conveyor section of our website or contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.