Product Spotlight: Spindle Capping Machines


The spindle capping machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. can be used on an inline packaging system or as stand alone capping equipment in facilities using semi-automatic and manual packaging techniques. Both automatic and semi-automatic models allow for consistent bottle capping and quick and easy change over from one bottle to another.

The main difference between the automatic spindle capper and the semi-automatic capping machine is the cap delivery system. The semi-automatic capper requires the operator of the capping equipment to place the cap on the bottle before setting the bottle on the conveyor to move through the spindle capper. The automatic spindle capper will use a cap elevator or sorting bowl to deliver caps to a chute, which in turn supplies the caps to each bottle passing through the capping machine. Both machines allow for continuous bottle capping, though the semi-automatic machine will only run as fast as the operators can place the bottles on the cap.

Spindle cappers use spinning wheels, or discs, to tighten down the cap as the cap and bottle pass through the machine. The capping machine will also use gripper belts to stabilize the bottle as it moves through the capping process. Both the spindle discs and the gripper belts are easily adjustable to accommodate a wide range of bottle and cap types and sizes. The discs used to tighten down the bottle caps are also available in a range of materials and durometers. The durometer of the discs generally refers to the hardness of the discs. Some cap and container combinations may require a harder or softer disc to avoid marring or crushing caps or bottles.

Both the automatic and semi-automatic capping machines are manufactured with a stainless steel, portable C-Frame design. The C-Frame design allows the capping equipment to be rolled up to almost any existing belt conveyor system, allowing the spindle cappers to be easily integrated with existing packaging systems. The stainless steel construction makes general cleanup and routine maintenance on the capping machine a simple chore.

The spindle cappers also offer several options such as a dual gripper belt assembly. The dual gripper belt assembly allows the capping machine to handle tall or oddly shaped containers by adding additional support and stability as the bottles move through the machine. The dual belts provide support at two points on the hard to handle bottles versus one point on the standard belt assembly. As with almost any machine manufactured by LPS, the spindle capping machines can be manufactured to work in hazardous locations or environments. Such construction allows the spindle cappers to work in nearly any packaging environment as well as with a great number of products. Many other options are available for the spindle capping machines and you can view the Semi-Automatic Spindle Capper or the Automatic Spindle Capper by clicking on either.

If you would like more information about the spindle capping machines or any of the capping equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, call us toll free at 1-888-393-3693.