Quick Tips for Picking a Package

Quick Tips for Picking a Package

In most cases, before a person uses a product, they will be introduced to the product by the package in which it comes.  Whether it is a food, beverage, cleaning product, candle or other product, the way an item is packaged can be as important, or more important, than the product itself.

The package and product together should complement one another.  This can be achieved in a number of different ways.  Of course, the appearance of a product package can catch the eye of a potential consumer and is a facet never to be left out of the equation.  But consider cosmetic products such as eyeliner, lipstick, facial creams and the like.  When the products themselves promote aesthetics and beauty, the package should follow suit.  The consumers that use these products value visual appearance, and a visually appealing package will be more likely to appeal to these consumers.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a product package is utility.  Though a visually striking package may arguably be the most important aspect of a cosmetic product, many products in this industry will also need a dash of utility to make the product itself appealing.  Lipstick in a can is not likely to be a big seller.  The importance of the usefulness of a packaging can be seen in the bottled water industry.  Many single serve bottles of water will consist of a simple clear plastic bottle and a wrap label.  However, these bottles are manufactured to allow the consumer to not only easy drink the water, but also transport and store the water with little hassle.  The same can be said of most beverage products, though energy drinks, teas, soft drinks and the like tend to get a little more creative with packaging and labels.  

A big trend of late is to tout the sustainability of a package.  As more and more concerns are raised about the environment, consumers expect packagers to consider the effect of their product and package on the same.  Using recycled materials or packaging a product in a reuseable container may win big points with those concerned with pollution, recycling and other environmental factors.

Choosing the package for your specific product will likely entail giving consideration to all three factors mentioned above as well as a number of other factors that may be relevant to specific projects.  Picking the package should start early, as it can have an effect on decisions down the road.  Simple packaging may cost less, leaving more capital for packaging machinery, marketing and other areas, but may not be the best choice for a new product trying to break into an established market.  High end packages may look good but leave no cash flow for other segments of running your business.

Furthermore, the package and product will help determine which type of packaging machinery is necessary for your project.  While different machines, from conveyors to liquid fillers, rinsing machines and capping equipment, will work with a wide range of packages, it is better to have your package selected before shopping for this equipment.  Knowing the package that will be used before setting up the packaging line will help to avoid any undesirable surprises once your product is ready for launch.