Raised Belt Conveyor Systems

Raised Belt Conveyor Systems

While almost any belt conveyor system can move almost any product down a packaging line, certain projects may require specific conveyors to add efficiency to the packaging process.  Tight production areas with many packaging machines may require low profile conveyors to squeeze product through the available area.  HDPE conveyor systems may work better than stainless steel or aluminum conveyors when acids and other corrosive chemicals are being packaged.  Other processes, such as packaging food products or pharmaceuticals, require sanitary style conveyors that allow for quick cleanup and are less likely to trap product, material and debris that could contaminate these products.

Most sanitary-style conveyors are manufactured specifically with these issues in mind.  With the production of food and pharmaceuticals, the end of a run of one product almost always requires thorough cleaning of the conveyor system to avoid the mixing of products, even if just the residue of the last food or drug item.  Being consumable items, the process of packaging must be as sanitary as the product and its package.  The sanitary style stainless steel conveyors include a raised conveyor belt that allows for easy cleansing of both sides of the belt as well as the conveyor itself.  To accomplish the cleaning of both sides of the belt and the conveyor on other types of conveyor systems - low profile or C-frame, for example - would normally require some disassembly of the conveyor or at least the removal of the conveyor belt.  

Similarly, moving product on a raised conveyor belt will normally mean less wear and tear on the belt itself.  Debris from belt wear, product from previous runs and simple dust from the production floor atmosphere have fewer places to gather and grow on the raised belt.  The U-shaped design of the conveyor frame also allows for drips and spills to be quickly cleaned as opposed to gathering in the corners of the belt conveyor system.  The ability to easily clean and maintain the raised belt conveyor system makes them ideal for industries and products that require sanitary packaging processes.  

Though raised belt conveyor systems are manufactured with products and industries that require sanitary packaging processes in mind, they will also move almost any product through a packaging system.  If your facility includes or requires routine cleanup of the belt conveyor system and packaging system as a whole, a sanitary-style, stainless steel raised belt conveyor system may increase efficiency and productivity!  

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