Registration Open For PACK EXPO 2020 in Chicago!

While the final look of PACK EXPO 2020 still remains up in the air, registration is now open for the annual packaging show which is slated to take place in Chicago this year, from November 8th through the 11th. As with just about everything in the world right now, the final plans for the show remain up in the air due to the coronavirus.

Currently, PACK EXPO plans to host an in-person event, but will also include virtual components for those unable to travel to the in-person show. However, a second plan has been formed should the physical event in Chicago simply not be feasible by November. This plan currently includes a completely virtual event that will allow attendees to interact live with exhibitors while also being able to stroll through virtual exhibit halls. PACK EXPO is tentatively expecting to make a final decision on the format for the 2020 show in August.

At this time, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be exhibiting in Booth 4044 at the McCormick Place in Chicago this November, and our plans will obviously be closely tied to the path of the coronavirus as well as the decisions of PACK EXPO. However, using the LPS Pass Code will allow packagers to register for the event, free of charge, to attend regardless of the final form of the show.

The LPS Pass Code for the 2020 PACK EXPO show is: 74Q51. Packagers can use this code when prompted to have the registration fee waived for attendees. If for any reason, the Code does not work or the prompt cannot be found, feel free to contact LPS at, and we will work through any issues you may have signing up for the show!

For those new to Liquid Packaging Solutions, we encourage you to add LPS to your show plan and stop by the booth either in-person if possible, or virtually to discuss your project with the LPS Packaging Specialists. To learn a little more about LPS, you can check out the PACK EXPO showroom or visit the LPS website.

For first time visitors to PACK EXPO, the show brings together an unprecedented number of equipment manufacturers in the packaging industry, allowing packagers to see a wide variety of equipment for filling, capping, labeling and otherwise preparing products for the shelf. We suggest first time visitors to the show allow a little extra time to wander the aisles and visit those companies added to their show plan, as the size of the annual show often surprises those who attend for the first time.

Of course, for packagers with current projects, and especially given the uncertainty of the show format this year, LPS always welcomes questions or discussions about packaging equipment. The LPS website offers quick and easy contact and quote requests on every page. LPS Packaging Specialists can also contact representatives Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693 for answers to equipment questions or to get a quick quote on machinery!

LPS wishes everyone a safe and productive summer and we hope to be able to see everyone in Chicago this November!