Rinse, Fill, Cap and Convey with Liquid Packaging Solutions

As we are now within a month of PACK EXPO 2019 (and remember, you can still sign up for the show here courtesy of Liquid Packaging Solutions using Comp Code 44Q12, early bird rate ends August 30th!) we figured it would be a good time to remind the packaging community of exactly what LPS has to offer, from consulting to manufacturing and service as well.

Of course, at the heart of LPS lies the manufacturing activity, the building of packaging machinery for a wide variety of products and industries. The core of the manufacturing also lies in four big groups of machinery: rinsing equipment, filling machines, capping machines and conveyor systems. These four categories of equipment, while not all-inclusive, make up the majority of equipment built at the La Porte, Indiana plant.

Rinsing machines and other container cleaning equipment are used to prepare bottles prior to the introduction of product. Built for companies large and small, container cleaning machines can run automatically as part of a complete system or may be manufactured as semi-automatic pieces to work with the assistance of an operator at lower production facilities. Rinsing equipment may use air, water, product or other media to remove dust and debris from containers that can build up during the production of the container, in shipping or even in storage while waiting to be used. While these machines can be used to help avoid contamination with just about any product, they are more common in industries such as Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical, where products are eaten or ingested.

Filling machines are manufactured by LPS fill bottles in a number of different ways. These machines may fill product by volume, net weight or simply to a specific level in the bottle. Like rinsing machines, liquid fillers can be built as both semi-automatic and automatic equipment to meet the needs of low and high production demands. Whether tabletop of fully automatic, bottle fillers can use the different fill types noted above to provide both consistent and reliable fills. With one to multiple filling heads, both these machines and the rinsing machines can usually be manufactured to allow for future expansion by simply adding fill (or rinse) heads to the existing machine, allowing the equipment to grow with the company.

Capping machinery manufactured by LPS for any project will always depend on the type of closure or closures that are used for the project at hand. From simple screw on type caps to snap caps, ROPP closures, corks and more, different capping machines are used for different caps, though in some cases (for example, the spindle and snap capping machine) a custom machine can be built to handle multiple cap types. Bottle cappers range from simple manual machines for consistent and reliable sealing to the same semi-automatic and automatic machines offered for rinsers and fillers. In addition to capping machines for closures, LPS also offers other plugging and sealing equipment such as capsule spinners, neck banders and more.

Finally, for automatic packaging lines, LPS offers conveyor systems to move bottles and other containers from one packaging machine to the next in order to create complete, automatic packaging systems. However, conveyors are not just used to transfer bottles. LPS also manufactures loading or laning conveyors to help quickly supply systems with empty bottles. For packagers filling molten or hot products, cooling conveyors may also be built to allow products to set and cool between the fill and the cap, avoiding damage to the products or the containers from the heat. Other packagers may combine automatic and semi-automatic machinery, and accumulating conveyors can help to collect containers anywhere on a line to perform manual packaging tasks. Whether moving, cooling or collecting, LPS can build conveyors to meet the needs of nearly any packaging system.

Of course, other equipment is also available from LPS, including nitrogen purge systems, turntables and custom equipment for special packaging projects. In addition to manufacturing, LPS offers consulting services for the early stages of planning a system, or even revamping an existing system. Integration services allow a packager to come to LPS for all packaging needs as OEM equipment, such as labelers, can be combined with LPS manufactured equipment to provide one stop shopping for packaging. Once equipment is built, LPS also looks to continue a partnership with our family of packagers by offering services such as training, installation, parts sales and technical support.

If you are new to packaging, or even just new to Liquid Packaging Solutions, we encourage you to stop by Booth 3738 at the Las Vegas show in September. Or if you can't make the show, contact LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to learn more about LPS and what solutions are available for your own packaging projects!