Rinsing Machines - Container Cleaning Options

Rinsing Machines - Container Cleaning Options

Many packaging systems may either require or desire container cleaning equipment prior to filling, capping, labeling or otherwise packaging a product.  Several different rinsing machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. are available to remove dust and debris from bottles to avoid product contamination.  In some circumstances, rinsing machines may be required for a sanitary packaging process.  This is common in the Food and Beverage Industry as well as with Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products.  In other cases, container cleaning may simply be a preference to maintain a product color, scent or other attribute, to avoid deterioration in a product or any number of other reasons.  Listed below you will find a brief description of some of the more popular rinsing machines offered by LPS.


Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures an inverting rinsing machine that uses water or other liquid rinsing media to clean containers.  The standard wet rinsing machine is capable of cleaning most containers from one ounce to one gallon.  Bottles are indexed into the rinsing machine and inverted over a rinse basin.  Once suspended over the rinse basin, high pressure jets are used to rinse the container free of debris and contaminants.  The bottles are then returned to the take away conveyor to move to the next packaging phase, which is normally a filling machine. 

Automatic inverting wet rinsers normally use an Allen Bradley PLC and easy touch-screen operator interface to make setting rinse times and changing over containers quick and simple.  The wet rinsing machines are available in semi-automatic and manual models as well to meet a range of production needs.


The inverting air rinsing machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions includes all of the features found on the wet rinser, but substitutes air for liquid as the rinse media.  The air rinsers also invert bottles over a rinse basin, but then use clean air or ionized air to blow debris and contaminants from the bottles.  A static charge on bottles can cause particles to cling to the containers and ionized air can be used to remove this charge and, in turn, allow for more thorough container cleaning.

Inverting air rinsing machines are also normally manufactured with an Allen Bradley PLC and simple to use touch screen interface.  These rinsing machines are also available in semi-automatic and automatic models.


A bottle vacuum removes the need to invert containers during the cleaning process.  Instead, after bottles are indexed into these rinsing machines, dual action nozzles first blast air into the container to loosen debris, then vacuum the debris out into an easily removable waste reservoir.  The bottle vacuum can come equipped with anywhere from one to sixteen rinsing nozzles and is easily upgradable to the maximum sixteen heads.  The PLC and operator interface are very similar to those offered on the inverting rinsing machines and container changeover again requires minimal effort and change.


LPS also offers bottle washers for larger containers that require rinsing prior to the filling process.  Bottle washing equipment can be used to rinse and sanitize the inside and outside of three, four and five gallon containers.  These machines are avaiable in semi-automatic and automatic models to match the production needs of those facilities dealing with larger containers.  In addition, LPS can combine the rinsing machines for larger containers with a filling machine and capping machine.  The large container rinse, fill and cap machine allows all three packaging functions to be achieved in a relatively small footprint.

For more information on any of the rinsing machines and container cleaning equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact a Packaging Specialist today at 1-888-393-3693.