See More of Liquid Packaging Solutions on Youtube

See More of Liquid Packaging Solutions on YouTube

While it is easy for us to tout the benefits of our packaging machinery, many people agree that a picture is worth a thousand words.  A video, then, must be worth millions, as it is made up of hundreds or thousands of pictures!  Instead of telling you how great our conveyors, filling machines, capping machines and bottle rinsers work, we would rather just show you.


Power conveyors can be manufactured using aluminum, stainless steel or HDPE for corrosive packaging lines. In addition, LPS manufactures laning conveyors to help load bottles onto a packaging system and cooling conveyors to assist with molten and hot fill products.  The video below shows a power conveyor with pack tables added on to assist with prepping products for shipping.


Liquid fillers are manufactured by LPS to handle thin, water-like products, thick, viscous pastes and honeys and every other product in between.  Different filling principles are used for different projects based on the viscosity of the product, the floor space at the production facility, the package used and the production rates needed, among other considerations.  Below you will see an automatic overflow filler, which will fill each bottle to the same level - making it ideal for products hitting the shelf in clear containers.


LPS manufactures spindle cappers, chuck cappers, snap cappers and custom capping machinery for just about any closure that can be placed on a bottle or container.  Simple handheld bottle cappers can add consistency and reliability to the process while automatic cappers can meet the demands of the highest production facilities.  The capping machine seen below is an automatic spindle capper, which can tighten a wide range of screw on type caps.


Many industries require a contamination free packaging process.  Food, beverage and pharmaceutical packagers cannot risk their product being contaminated while running through a packaging line.  Bottles and other containers may gather dust, debris and other contaminants during their production, in transit or simply waiting in a warehouse to be used.  Container cleaning equipment such as air rinsers, wet rinsers and bottle vacuums help to guard against such contamination.  Below you will see an automatic inverting air rinsing machine.

These are just a few of the packaging machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.  To see more examples of rinsers, fillers and cappers, visit our YouTube page.  If you would like to see a specific machine in action and cannot find it on our website or on our  YouTube page, send us an email at and we will see if we can find a video for you!