Semi-automatic Capping Machines: Chuck Cappers

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines:  Chuck Cappers

While the spindle capper may be a more popular automatic capping machine than the chuck capper, the chuck capper offers many more options and solutions for those running labor driven or semi-automatic capping processes.  Chuck capping machines range from simple handheld capping machines to fully automatic packaging machines, but contain a number of useful options in between.  


Handheld chuck cappers are simple to use, requiring the operator to place a cap on the bottle, the chuck over the cap and then simply apply pressure to tighten the cap. These simple capping machines may or may not increase your production speed, but they will ensure consistent capping for each bottle being sealed.  These capping machines remove worker fatigue that can lead to mis-applied caps or loose fitting caps, avoiding spills and product spoilage.  Handheld chuck cappers can also be added to a portable frame for mobility or to a uniframe filling system to create a filling and capping station on a single frame.


Tabletop chuck capping machines allow facilities with low to medium production needs but limited available space to create a capping station on almost any tabletop.  These semi-automatic capping machines can use a simple sensor to activate the chuck head, or they can be manufactured to use fingertip or footswitch activation.  In either case, the operator places a cap on the bottle and places the bottle into the positioning nest.  The chuck heads descends to apply consistent torque to the cap and reliably seal each bottle.   


Portable semi-automatic chuck cappers work much like the tabletop chuck cappers, with the exception that they are manufactured on a portable frame.  These capping machines are ideal for facilities that run multiple products or multiple semi-automatic lines and may need to cap bottles in more than one area.  Portable semi-automatic chuck cappers will also use sensors or switches to activate the capping process.


Automatic chuck capping machines provide continuous capping on a packaging line.  These capping machines may use one or multiple chucks to cap bottles and containers as they move through the capping area. Often, a starwheel will be used to index bottles through the capping area, which will allow for multiple capping heads.  Automatic chuck cappers also use an automatic cap delivery system.  The caps will be oriented and delivered to the capping machine via a cap elevator or vibratory bowl and a cap chute. Operators of the automatic chuck capping machine will simply need to replace bulk caps from time to time.

As mentioned above, spindle cappers still tend to be more popular than chuck cappers in the arena of automatic packaging machines, mostly due to the lack of change parts and range of containers and caps that can be handled.  However, automatic chuck cappers provide a nice alternative for facilities running one or a few bottle and cap combinations as well as those capping smaller containers, vials and other cap/container combinations that may not be easily handled by a spindle capping machine.

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