Semi-Automatic Packaging Machinery for Holiday Runs

It's that time of the year again, when holiday packaging makes a return to the shelf for a number of different packagers and products. For some, holiday packaging may simply replace standard packaging, such as bottles, caps, labels, etc. However, other packagers will continue to produce regular packaging while looking for a way to add to the typical output. Depending on the number of holiday packages produced, semi-automatic equipment can often realize the goals of year end packaging without interrupting normal production.

The key benefits of semi-automatic packaging as related to holiday packaging include the small footprint and the ease of operation. Semi-automatic filling machines, capping machines and labeling equipment will not require the same space used by a primary, completely automated packaging system. In addition, while automated systems typically include equipment to load bottles, pack bottles and everything in between, there are some projects that may only require a single piece of semi-automatic equipment.

For example, a company producing beverage may not switch out either their product or their container for the holiday season. However, special decorative labeling may be used for a small portion of their production needs. Rather than stop production of standard product on the automated line, the packager may use a semi-automatic labeling machine to prepare holiday bottles for the shelf. Such a machine may be used on a tabletop with the assistance of a single operator to prepare the bottles. In other cases, a company may produce a beverage or flavor only during the holiday season. Again, the semi-automatic filling machine can be used to meet holiday packaging demands while continuing to package standard products at the normal rate.

Of course, tabletop machinery is not the only option available for semi-automatic packaging machinery. Portable machines can be manufactured as well. These machines can be added to a packaging line or even upgraded to run automatically in the future, allowing more flexibility and the possibility of some benefit even outside of the holiday season for other short runs or special projects. Custom machines are always available as well, including uniframe systems that may include filling, capping and labeling all on one frame! If you are starting a special project or adding holiday packaging, do not hesitate to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions to explore your options!