September Specials from Liquid Packaging Solutions!


During the month of September, Liquid Packaging Solutions is offering special discounted prices on several key pieces of packaging machinery! From now until October 1st you can get reduced pricing on aluminum frame turntables and conveyors as well as parts for ALL of your machinery!


Turntables can be used almost anywhere on a packaging system. Loading turntables can be used to introduce empty bottles to your inline packaging system, while accumulating turntables can be used to collect product ready for another phase of packaging, such as labeling or packing! Turntables can also be used to transfer product from one phase of a packaging system to another where a 90 degree turn is necessary (thus, the transfer turntable!). LPS offers stainless steel turntable tops in a range of diameters to allow our turntables to handle bottles and products of varying shape and size!

Turntables can increase efficiency and production by taking some of the burden off of manual labor! To learn more about LPS turntables and how they can work with you packaging system, call toll free at 1-888-393-3693!


Conveyor systems are the cornerstone of any good packaging system. LPS offers anodized low profile frame conveyors as one of several power conveyor options on a packaging system. During the month of September, we are are offering special discounts on these conveyors, from a five foot conveyor to a five hundred foot system, call today and ask about this special! These conveyors come standard with variable speed control and stainless steel rail brackets with quick touch adjustment knobs. Standard conveyor belt is a 4" polypropylene flat top belt. Custom belt widths and belt materials are also available!


In addition to the specials running through September on Turntables and Conveyors, LPS is once again offering an 8% discount on parts sales for the month of September, 2008! The parts discount is not limited to turntable and conveyor parts, but includes parts for ALL packaging machines, including liquid fillers, wet rinsers, bottle vacs, cappers and more!

If you need to upgrade a machine or simply need replacement parts for your packaging machinery, call toll free at 1-888-393-3693! You can also email Erik or Angela at the addresses below to request a quote!