Smaller Packaging Systems for Halloween Treats

Smaller Packaging Systems for Halloween Treats

Even big companies sometimes have a need for less than fully automatic packaging machinery.  The upcoming holiday presents a good example of why this is true!  With Halloween on the way, you have probably noticed new packaging on candy, drinks and any other number of products.  These items use holiday packaging as a method of interacting with the consumer.  Many of them will change not just the label, but the shape, size and overall look of the package as well.

When these changes to the packaging are made, they will often lead to necessary modifications in the packaging machinery being used.  Fill times will need to be adjusted, power conveyors will need to be widened or narrowed and adjustments will also likely be necessary to the capper, labeler and other packaging equipment.  For many reasons, companies may choose to use different equipment for regular product runs and special, promotional packages.

For one thing, multiple changeovers from one container to another can take up a lot of precious production time.  During the changeover period, no production is taking place on the line at all, so stopping production more than a couple times a day can have a detrimental effect on meeting production demands.  Secondly, many times the equipment used to run regular production will not be equipped to handle sample sized or promotional sized products.  Finally, running promotional products on the regular production line means that the products normally put on the shelf year round are not getting as much packaging time.

For all of these reasons, some companies will invest in smaller automated, semi-automatic or even tabletop packaging systems for special run products like holiday items or sample sizes.  For bigger companies that have a high demand even for special projects and runs, smaller automated systems consisting of turntables, belt conveyors, liquid fillers, capping machines and labeling machines may be used, leaving manual labor to simply load containers and pack finished product.  Special products with a smaller demand may use semi-automatic fillers, cappers and labelers and rely on operators who will activate fill, cap or label cycles.  

On any of these systems the different filler types (overflow, gravity, piston, for example), capping machines (spindle, chuck, snap) and labeling formats (wrap, front and back, tamp) are available, allowing the systems to work with almost any product.  In addition, the level of automation can be hand tailored to each individual project.  These systems simply provide cost effective solutions to handle the demand of holiday packaging or other special projects while also continuing to produce regular product.  

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